Monday, June 9, 2014

Jack loves the Madike Family!

A Baptism and Very Cute Kids

This Post was actually Last week...Just a little out of order..haha

Hello mother!! How are you doing?? How was going to SLC? And being with fam! I feel like I am usually your road trip buddy! Now I have been replaced by tanner haha! But he is getting taller and more pogi! hehee! But it sounds like you had fun going up there and visiting family and all that stuff! Did any one ask about me at all? How is everyone doing?? I miss family haha! Oh well in a year or so I will see all of them! But I have not reecevied a package or any thing yet! So maybe I will tomorrow cause it is mail run tomorrow so sana I will get something in mail run!! But I dont know about the camera? What brand is it? and I want like details about it.. Plus my comp doesnt have a camera and I wanted to give him mine so he has one too but I wanna know a little bit more about this other one! Oh I am ordering your nativity today and with that will go the last of my money. I hope that you like it! I think that it is really cool! I think I am going to get it to you mid july ish.. We will see! haha! But sounds like every thing is going good! Love you mom!!

But my week has been really simple ha just a normal week here in the Philippines, well I dont really know if normal and Philippines can really go together but basta it seemed like it was normalish! But me and elder Pedroza are doing great! We are always working hard and really teaching all the people that we can! And just being masipag!! So it has been good! We have a baptism this month on the 28th and I could actually seeing one other person get baptized this month too and probabally another two get baptized in July! So our area is going really good!! And I am loving training a lot! And my anak is a great missionary and he is so nice! I love him! So I really have enjoyed training him and we are already almost done with our first transfer together! Crazy so I only have one more transfer to make him already to go and be a dope missionary! So I hope that I can do that for him! Also like I said we had mission tour so the whole mission got together at one place!! It was awesome to see all of the friends that I have made in my mission all together! It was good to see all these cool people that I have made friends with since being on my mission! So that was pretty fun! Plus it was cool to here from a member of the 70 and get to shake his hand! So it was a cool day! Ohh on Friday there was this HUGE rain storm that we got caught in! It was like a river in the streets haha! But we kept on working cause we had appointments to get too!! But we got soaking we and the water in the streets was like up to my ankles haha! It was pretty dope!! So I  got caught in a huge rain storm I can now check that off my list! But this week was a good week we taught a lot of lessons and are continuing working hard and being obedient! I love my mission more and more each day!! Most of the time these people here are super nice unless there is a stupid punk teenager who thinks he is funny.. (thats a different story) haa But I do love my mission a lot!!

A little Rain and a little kitty!!

Hot Hot HOT!

Hey Mamma!! How are you doing! How has your second week or third week of summer been?.. I dont even know what one it is haha! But how was vegas playing ball! I heard his team sucks but he is doing well daw! Thats way good to hear that he is doing good! I have not yet received any letters or packages lately! Still waiting on them ahha! Sana soon! yeah court was telling me that you guys went to that! Thats really cool that you went with her! You must really like that girl?? But not as much as me haha!(; What is in my Birthday package hehe! Just curious! I am making a list of things to get people before I leave! So ask everyone in the Fam what they want so I can get it for them! I already have a small list but if there is any thing in particular that you want let me know! haha! But the suit is on my list hehe! Dont worry I will get one! But let me know! love ya mom!!

My week has been good!! We are still working hard like usual and doing every thing that we can to help these people come unto Christ! I still always feel like there is more to do and I feel like we can go a little harder every week! So every week we plan to teach more people and to find more than the last week and just push our selves to the best we can! So I hope this next week we just explode on numbers haha! But this week was a normal week! Nothing to crazy happened here! But on Wednesday we did MTC exchanges, since the Manila MTC is so close to our area they do this thing with MTC missionaries where they come work with us for a few hours so they can see what real missionary work is like! And we got this huge Australian/Fijian! His name was elder Aue! He was cool and I could tell he was going to be a good missionary! He told me something after we were done that kind of stuck with me. He was that I was a great missionary and that I was a great example to him as a future new missionary in the field. I felt really good after he said this and I was thinking that we all have a impact on peoples lives thats why we always have to do the best we can even when no one is looking! So I was really glad that I was working hard with this missionary! So it was a cool experience! Something cool is about to happen these next few days! Guess who just flew in from Nigeria yesterday...? It is the Madike father and the family is so excited for us to teach him!! And he is excited also for us to meet him! So I am looking forward to teaching him! So lets pray for him that his heart may be softened and he may accept the Gospel and then him and his family can work on getting sealed! So lets hope that every thing goes good! We also have another baptism on June 28th so we are pretty excited about that and we might have another one like the first week of July!! YAY!! I love Mapayapa area!! But yeah that is basically my week! My campanion  is doing great! I love that little guy a lot! I love training him so much its been dope and he is way nice!! Language is getting there some people say I am good but I feel like a struggle still but I am still trying!! I still love this place evern though it is messed up at times haha!!