Monday, December 15, 2014

I Love Being A Missionary

Hello mother! Seems like you guys have had a pretty busy week with all the stuff you guys have been doing!!(: I miss you guys so much and cant wait until I get to skype with you guys on Christmas!! I have been counting down the days!!

That is really sad about Britton, I will continue to pray and I will even fast for him this week that a miracle can happen, I know that as all of us have faith we can accomplish miracles, with the help of God, Ether chapter 12, read it.

So our week is going so good!! In words of president Bertin "You are on fire in this area. Great work. P. Bertin"       So its safe to say that things are going really well for us here in San mig, and I always got to thank my Father in Heaven for our blessings!! So sister Lara had to get moved to December 27, but that is okay cause it will be the last Saturday of the year so that is a good way to finish out the year ha, we are really excited for her so pray for Lara that she can pass her interview!

We also had brother Boyd come to church for the second time in a row so he is getting geared up for his BAP in Jan!! We and his family is part member returning less active so we are happy for them for coming out of in activity!

We had one of our investigators tell us that he was a murderer and he served 8 years in prison.. That was a interesting and some what sketchy experience... But he is a cool guy who wants to get close to Jesus, but sad thing is he is moving so we wont be able to teach him any more, but he was a cool guy who had some potential.

We taught the Bangit family this week, there are so freaking cool!! We finished the Restoration this week with them on Saturday and the spirit was just so strong as we taught about the Restoration of the Gospel! They are really receptive and they really want to know if it is true, so they said they would pray and also that they would attend church as a family next week! We will be putting a bap date on them this week! Pray for the Bangit family!

We were able to get 15 new investigators this week! And a couple of them were families, so lets hope that they can progress, I love getting new investigators cause it is just giving another person an opportunity to hear the great message that we have to bring! 

We were able to beat our numbers last week and we are so close to 40 lessons a week, next week we should get it, I would say this week but we have lots of stuff going on, with our chirstmas conf of the mission and stuff like that!

But I just would like to tell a couple stories that I have noticed on my mission and I made a connection with my last area and here.

So this goes back to my time in Fairvew, with teaching the Madike family, and it was just as we began to teach the father of the family Theodore Madike, and remember he came all the way from Nigeria basically on vacation for only 30 days was his visa, but with the help of the Lord he was able to stay longer because of the ebola virus that broke out in Nigeria so he wasnt able to go back, so we were able to teach him and baptize him to complete the family and prepare them to make covenants in the temple.

Then here in San Miguel with sister Lara.. I remember when we first talked to here, we were walking to a part of our area that is far away, and I remember hearing a voice like 'hey elders" so I stopped and waved, it was a member in our branch, I usually would just keep it at a hello, but something was telling me to go over there and enter their house, so it turns out that they were having a birthday party for the person that lived there and the member was a friend of her so that is why she was there, also the person that was having the birthday party was the aunt of sister Lara so she was there, and eventually we talked to sister Lara and she said we could go and teach her, now look and where that has come. Also sister Lara was telling us that if she didnt have here phobieas than she would be abroad in a different country, so the Lord gave her that so she could hear the Gospel.

Now what are the similarites of these two stories? The Lord gives all his children a time and place to hear the Gospel, and gives them the chance to except it, as thinking back on these two stories I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of his children and the end result of that plan is to have his children return back to him, and the only way they can do that is through this Gospel, and the Atonement.

Sometimes when we are given challenges or trials we only see them as they are and not what they are helping us become, our trials are truly the refiners fire that molds us and shapes and, really turns us into what our Heavenly Father wants us to become. I know that our Father in Heaven knows each of us and loves us indivudually and he wants what is best for us so sometimes we have to go through trials to receive what the end result is, and I know with both of these situations that the Lord had his "hand" in them.

I love being a missionary and I just love serving the Lord, it has been such a huge blessing doing what I do and helping people come unto Christ, its weird to think I only have 9 months left of doing this. 

I love you and pray for you

love elder Howell

Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't Worry Mom!

Hello mother I hate to make you worry and all ah but we are A okay here in San Miguel, nothing has happend not even a little rain.. It changed course late last night and is going west now, so we should be safe and sound here!

Hopefully you guys werent worrying to much and I hope you were able to have a good week!

Things here are continually getting better for us! I am loving it so much here in San Mig!! 

First off sister Lara is doing great and we she came to church again so now she only has to come two more times and she can get baptized! We are so excited for her and she is progressing so well! And of course she brought all her friends as well to church, also brother Boyd one of our Inv came to church, so we should get a few baptisms before this year closes out, so safe to say we are counting our blessings as well!

We also were able to find another Family this week, and they are a way awesome family, its the mom and dad and then they have two daughters and one of them is a speacial child, and they are so receptive to our message and love having us over, we are praying for them that they can progress!

Dont really know what else to say haha, just know that things are going really goood here for us and we are continually increasing our numbers each week! I really do like being here ahaha and elder Maddela is way cool and funny we are having a good time!

FYI I opened up my christmas package!! It was so awesome haha I loved all the things you were able to put into it, so thank you so so much!!

Also I have been cooking a lot lately, this week I made fried chicken and sweet and sour pork haha i bet you would be impressed aha!

Ohhh I ate some nasty food this week.. its called Buro.. its fermented rice.. its nasty haha google it!

I hope that you guys are doing good! I love you so much!! 

love elder Howell

Great Comp PIC!

Another Great Week!

Hello so this was another good week for us in San Miguel and we are definitely seeing the blessings of our hard work and also our obedience!

Some many cool things have happened this last week! I celebrated Thanksgiving here in the Philippines for the second time! I was the only American so I introduced my companions to Thanksgiving, just no turkey ahha! But we went around the table and said what we were thankful for as a tradition in my family! It was cool and they seemed to enjoy it!

We had our open house at the Chapel this week so that was a cool thing, us missionaries had a booth at the end and we just basically talked about the lessons and the Restoration and stuff like that, we are hoping we can get some referrals out of that activity!

Also the next Sunday, sister Lara came to church with here two friends!! It was so cool to see here finally come to church!! I was so happy for here and we have been praying for her for the longest time! It is so awesome to know that our Father In Heaven hears and answers our prayers!  #testimonybuilder

I am like positive that she will get baptized in December, so that will be a good Christmas gift!! 

We were able to find a lot of new investigators again this week, our teaching pool is so large so we are having a hard time adjusting our time to OYM and to find more people, but this area is just getting more blessed each day and I am so thankful that I have been able to serve here! 

I continue to be amazed at how much we need the Spirit in this work!! Like so many small miracles are just happening, like the scripture says in Alma 37, "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" 

Maybe I will tell you a story that happened last Monday before we went out to work, we were sitting on our front porch thing and I was trying to sew something and then this girl rides by on her bike and asked if we were smoking?. Odd question but I noticed that her English was like perfect!! So eventually she came back and we talked to her and she is Filipena but she has lived in America since she was 8, so she was fluent at English, so we eventually talked to her and she said we could go and teach her so we did, so we got her basic beliefs and she didn't believe in God or the Bible.. First time on my mission I have encountered that.. But I remembered the story in the Book of Mormon about the two missionaries in Alma who were teaching the King who didn't have a belief of God she we helped here see that there is a God and that we are all children of God and that she can pray to him and he will hear her prayers, so we committed her to pray, and she did we went back there the other day and she said she got this strong peaceful feeling after she prayed and she believes that was an answer, we are going to go back and teach her today so lets hope it goes good! 

But every thing is going good here for me! I love it here! Continue to pray for all the people that we are teaching especially sister Lara!!

I love you all!

Love, elder Howell

Monday, November 24, 2014



So maybe I will tell you about my week as well! So last week was a great week for us here in San Miguel, and I didnt know it could get better, but it did, this week was even better than the week before!!

It just was such a solid week here for us, maybe cause it was the opening sunday of our new chapel and every one was just so hyped for that! But the church attendance was 149! My first sunday was 30.. quite an increase!! Plus we worked really hard to try to beat last weeks numbers and we did!!

We were able to get so many new investigators 26!! Our teaching pool right now is just getting huge, we just have no teach the ones that are willing to progress, so the more the merrier.

My dry spell is finally over, we finally got some INV to come to church, so I was so thankful for that and it has been a blessing of our hard work to get some progressing investigators!! 

Also the investigator who told us to pick him up the last two weeks who flaked twice promised us he would come but he doesnt know where it is, so we were like okay we will come, cause you know third times a charm and all that jazz, well I dont think third times a charm works here, he didnt come with us.. So frustrating, oh well he has his agency. 

Sister Lara is still doing great, she is my favorite investigator by far and she is golden, she shares the gospel to her friends and now we are teaching her and and all her friends and they are great INV too! They promised us they would all come to church this upcoming sunday and I belive them! I am so excited for them! She will get baptized there isnt a doubt in my mind, she is just to solid, she is awesome!

Well this area is progressing like crazy, I can just remember when I first came here and it was a joke at what this area was, but now its great, just got to continually thank the Lord for all my blessings, but I know he has been here all along the way helping me! 

So I can say I love SAN MIGUEL!!



Hey mom, sounds like Vegas was a good time with all the girls, I would like to go to vegas after the mish and play some poker and black jack ahah!! But sounds fun!! All is good on my end, its just been really hot here latly, hoping it will cool down! How are things with you guys! hope to hear from you soon! love you!

Any ways things are going good here in San Miguel and we continue to increase the numbers here in San Miguel! 

So many good things happened this week! We have been focusing a lot on finding in our mission so of course if we want to get new investigators we have to talk to people and go finding, so we talked to 60 people and got 14 new investigators this week so that was a huge plus about this week.

We found a few families this week and I love families and teaching them that we have a message that can make their family happier, but these families we found are really really poor families, like they really have like nothing, like this first house we went to it was a concrete room with nothing in it, no chairs or tables or nothing, they litterally had nothing.. so sad, but its so humbling as well. Also the other ones live by the river in this wooden box basically on stilts so when it floods it doesnt get to their "house" These experiences make me really count my blessings for what we have, some times we take simple things for granted but these people literally have nothing so its good to always be greatful that is a great lesson I have learned this week!

Also we are getting a new chapel!! All the members are so excited to get into the new chapel, we will go to church there next sunday! I am glad to get out of the ghetto meeting house, the new chapel is huge and so so nice, I will send pics next week when I go to it!

We are teaching a lot of families right now and they are so awesome, I just hope and have faith that they will progress cause we all know that what we are teaching them will just help their lives so much! 

Any ways that is basically my week, lots of new INV and lots of talking to people, this area is really getting better and its making me really happy to see the progress in this area, lets hope and pray we can get a baptism! 

Rockin the STASH!

Baby Steps

I am happy that things are going a little better and that britt is taking baby steps. And it was so touching to see the whole community coming together for such a good cause and to see tanners and his buddies always going to the hospital and hanging out with him as if it were normal, so touching. I would like one of those believe for britton braclets if that is possible. Any ways they have been in my prayers every day and night this past week, so it brings me joy that things are looking up a bit. #powerofprayer

So this week was a busy but really solid week here in San Miguel!

I saw busy because two days we had no work.. On wednesday we had to go to Cubao(in QC Mission) its about a 4 hour bus ride away, we had to go because my comp had a dentist appointment and that is the only "safe" place to go get dental stuff done. And the other day was on Saturday, usually our best day of work for us, we had a zone conference all the way in Camerin where the mission office is, we didnt get home until like 9is so again no work so that was pretty rough, but the conf was great learned a lot of new stuff from the AP and our mission pres! 

I also said it was a solid week becsause the other days that we could work we went HAM and worked really hard cause we knew we had to make up for the two days that we wouldnt be able to work. So we OYM like crazy and got 17 new investigators who are all willing to listen and some of those are families! I love finding people who are prepared for the Gospel! Like last monday night we were walking to an appnt and this guy has a huge smile on his face and just sticks out his hand for me to shake it, and the people who are normaly like that are drunk so that crossed my mind.. But we talked with him and set up a return appnt and we went back and taught him and he said that what happend that night wasnt chance and that he was suppose to meet with us and he wants to get baptized and come to church and every thing!! It was such a miracle! But we went to go pick him up for church and he must have been shy or scared but we heard him say to his kid umalis ako, umalis ako! (I am gone I am gone) then his son comes out and is like oh he is gone.. That sucks and so does satan. Next week na lang haha.

Sister Lara is doing really good she really wants t come to church and she accepted a bap date for Dec 6, but she still hasnt come to church because she has lots of phobias.. So pray for Lara, but gosh she is so good at reading her assignments and she knows this is the true church, we just need to build her faith that she can do it!

We found 4 new brgys(city) this week in our area.. Our area is so large haha but it is getting so much better than when I first got here, I can see the future potential for this area! I love san mig!! ahah

Oh I also got your letters today!! That was really happy!! Thank ytou!!! Still no card.. So I have to wait another three weeks to get it..

Cultural note.. People fight spiders here, and since we live in the middle of no where there are a lot of spiders, so at night when we get home we fight the spiders we caught.. Its legit.. I named mine Hercules, cause he cant lose. And these aren't ordinary spiders they are large..

We had a CSP tday, I love service #mosiah2:17

Well thats about my week, I love you so much and keep me posted abut brit!!

Love, elder Howell

Rockin the HAT!

Britton...Don't Give Up..Don't Quit!

Wow heard the news and now its pretty hard to focus on the emails right now.. I am just stunned at the news you guys are bringing me and I was thinking and still am thinking about what to say.. I dont know how you guys or tanner feels of the Shipps, but what I do know is that Jesus Christ know every heart ache and bad thing that we have or will go through, he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for all of us, like it says in Alma                  "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people"
 He knows exactly what the Shipps are going through. Some times its hard to comprehend all of this and some times we ask why me?.. But remember we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and he knows why bad things happen. I know its hard but dont give up, dont quit, there is help and there will be a brighter day as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And always always remember the Gospel of Jesus Christ will and can get us through hard times. I know there is a plan for this and Britton must have a more important thing to do, but DO not give up. I know things happen for a reason..

I guess I can report this week but its a little hard to do it my usual happy self but I will try my best. 

Well me had a cool mission Conf. on Wednesday where the whole mission met together and we got to hear from Lyn G. Robbins, of the Seventy and also one of the members of the area presidency. It was a great day where they talked about Christ Like attributes and how us as missonarys need to come home better than we started. I really enjoyed what they taught us about how we need to be more christ like.

Sorry this is tough to recall all the stuff I wanted to say especially now..

I ate goat head this week.. really gross..

I think thats about it sorry its hard to focus now i am just worried about you guys.. so ya..

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Heavy Heart! AND I ate Goat Head!

Wow heard the news and now its pretty hard to focus on the emails right now.. I am just stunned at the news you guys are bringing me and I was thinking and still am thinking about what to say.. I know how you guys or tanner feels of the Shipps, but what I do know is that Jesus Christ know every heart ache and bad thing that we have or will go through, he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for all of us, like it says in Alma                  "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people"
 He knows exactly what the Shipps are going through. Some times its hard to comprehend all of this and some times we ask why me?.. But remember we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and he knows why bad things happen. I know its hard but dont give up, dont quit, there is help and there will be a brighter day as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And always always remember the Gospel of Jesus Christ will and can get us through hard times. I know there is a plan for this and Britton must have a more important thing to do, but DO not give up. I know things happen for a reason..

I guess I can report this week but its a little hard to do it my usual happy self but I will try my best. 

Well me had a cool mission Conf. on Wednesday where the whole mission met together and we got to hear from Lyn G. Robbins, of the Seventy and also one of the members of the area presidency. It was a great day where they talked about Christ Like attributes and how us as missonarys need to come home better than we started. I really enjoyed what they taught us about how we need to be more christ like.

Sorry this is tough to recall all the stuff I wanted to say especially now..

I ate goat head this week.. really gross..

I think thats about it sorry its hard to focus now i am just worried about you guys.. so ya.. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who Wouldn't Love This KID??

OYM... (Open Your Mouth) Who KNEW??

Hey mom!! Looks like you had fun in Vegas! Thats where I tell people I live some times haah cause no one knows where utah is so I just say malapit sa las vegas.. Meaning I am close to las vegas ahah! But hope to hear from you love ya!

This week has been a busy week for us here in San Miguel, we had to go all the way down to Baliwag twice this week. I got a call from the office saying I had to open my email and to do some paper work for my visa and that ish, so I had to print like passport pics and stuff like that but here in San Mig there is nothing here like that so we had to travel all the way down to Baliwag which is an hour plus drive haha and we get there to the place and the didnt even have what I needed.. So then I called the office and was like hey there is nothing here haha so then they were like okay we are coming to Baliwag tomorrow so can you meet us, so thats what we did we went all the way to Baliwag again on Thursday to sign things and fill out paper work for visa things ahha. It sucks but hey its done with now. 

Other than that we have had a good week, with lots and lots of OYM! It was dope we went to an area that I havnt even been to called Tibagan and found a whole bunch of new inv and also I oymed a whole barangay hall, which is basically the city hall haha it was funny there was like 12 people in there that we OYMED that said we could go back aha so thats cool! I love oyming because people LOVE white people so it just makes it so easy for me to do it haha so I usually make it fun when I do it! 

Also again no inv at church.. struggling with that, but on the bright side we had 12 less actives show up, so I was happy.

We are still teaching sister Lara, she is doing really good and she really likes what we are teaching, but the other day she really opened up to us when we invited her to come to church. She told us that she has a lot of phobias, like afraid of  being around a lot of people and being alone and being in a small space, she what we did was we asked her if she had faith that she could be healed just like Jesus Christ healed people in the Bible, she said yes, and then we asked her if she believed she could be healed, she again said yes. So we gave her such a wonderful priesthood blessing, the spirit was so strong as we layed our hands on her head and anointed her with oil and gave her a blessing to heal her of her mental illnesses. It was such a cool experience, and she later texted us that night thanking us and telling us how good she feels inside and how she felt something, obviously the spirit. It is such a blessing that we as members of the church have, the restored priesthood of God, the same authority Jesus Christ had while he walked the earth, and I feel so blessed to be trusted with such a great blessing. But lets hope she gets better and progresses in the gospel, so keep Lara in your prayers.

Oh transfers I am staying as a senior and Lopez is leaving.. sad.

My new comp is elder Mabella?.. I dont know him at all I thing sort of new, but with another penoy comp that will be over one year with no american comp.. Sad day again.. Oh well penoys are cool. I just miss america and white people... I aint racist tho..

But I am excited for a new transfer and I am ready to tear San MIg into peices haha. 

well no email from dad.. sad day... 

love elder Howell

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling Lazy Today!

hey haha nice braces first off ahaha and that sucks about my card.. So should I cut my card and toss it now?..

But my week was pretty decent I guess, we are still struggling getting inv at church so it is really frustrating at times but I guess we need to just go on. I dont have too much to report about haha other that the fact I had exchanges on Thursdayand I went with elder Nelson who is a new missionary from Mapleton Utah ahha! It was such a dope day and we killed it! Things just seem easier when you have two with guys! We had such a fun time just working and going ham! Also we just talked it up and told stories all day ahha it was such a fun day for us, plus I gave him some advice about his comp who he is struggling with and that even tho his comp is disobedient doesnt mean he just takes it ha so as of now they are doing much better and so that is cool. 

One down this week was that we had one of our family investigators drop us, that sucked but I guess we just got to move on, they said they just wanted to be Catholic and not change but they have their agency.

Conference was really good other than the fact that it was in Tagalog.. That sucked actually haha. But it was still good. It was just weird looking at elder Holland and having a Tagalog translation coming out with no emotion. So it was a little hard to focus on the talks but it was solid. I miss America.

On Friday we got a new inv who was the old Brngy Cap in our area so he might be the richest dude in our area haha so that was dope, plus on saturday we went to his sisters house who might be the second richest in our area so we are teaching the old Brngy Cap, his sister and his niece. The niece seems the most interested and is way cool so lets hope something happens out of these new people.

Also something cool on exchanges was we were just walking and had gone pretty far and there wernt many houses but then I got feeling to go down this random road that was the last road then we showed up and taught this dude hah it was cool, the Lord is preparing people for us!

That is basically my week ahah not much going on here haha same ol same ol, but pday was fun we just did a zone activity and played a bunch of games so that was fun to do that and to also be with some friends in the zone. But yeah thats me.

sorry its pretty short I am feeling lazy today. ha lol

love elder howell

Monday, October 6, 2014

Packages and LOTS of Letters!! Thank YOU

Lightning, Mud and Zone Interviews OH MY!

Hey mom happy birthday!! SOrry its late! But I did send you a letter, so you should get in maybe in Nov hahah! But I hope it was a good one! Love you mom! Are you 43?.. Sorry haha love you! But I hope all is good with you guys! FYI I need money.. Things are mahal here so I need some money.. Thanks!

So last week, I am going to break this email down by days so I will start off with Monday and so on and so forth!(: 

So monday was our PDay didnt do much ha just played bball with some members and then emailed, its funny to play with members cause they suck so bad haha, its weird cause basketball is their favorite sport yet a good majority of the people suck aha oh well. Then Monday eveneing as we were going out to work there was this crazy lightning/thunder storm, way sketchy. The lightning was way close every way we walked and it was just so loud with the thunder, but we stayed safe ahah.

Then on Tuesday we had a lot of appointments schedueled in a short amount of time and all these appointments were with all important inv and they were all set return appt, plus are area is huge and way spread out so we had to be quick, so thats what we did we sprinted to every one of them ahah like all out running, people were probs thinking what are with these mormons haah it was funny but cool and then we were able to make it to all of our lessons and teach great lessons!

Wednesday we found another way good family, they were a referral that we contacted and they are way cool, the dad is a tryc driver and he is busy a lot but they are willing to listen and stuff so that was cool to add another family to our teaching pool. Also I got chased by some swans, that was kind of scary. They are some pretty mean animals ahah, oh funny story on wednesday, this stupid tryc driver asked if I wanted to ride him?!?! WHAT?? hahah he wanted to say do I want a ride but he sucks at english so he said that haah that has been our laugh for this week! Plus lots of chicks ask for pictures so that happened a lot on wednesday haha so I am famous probs on FB! haha lol

Then on Thursday we had Zone interviews, that was a great time our mission president is doing great and he is awesome! He has so many good ideas! But we were late to the meeting.. cause our jeepney tire blew up out in the middle of no where so we had to wait like 30 min for the next one to come haha that sucked oh well! Plus I got a bunch of letters and and a package!! I was so happy!! SO keep letters coming!!!

Friday we got a lot of rain and we were in our farthest area in Paliwasan and we had to walk through knee deep mud haha not just water mud haa in the pitch black cause our flashlight went dead so we did feel like some pioneers haha, but we had to get to the faimly clear out there cause they have a bap date and we need to finish the lessons haah! Oh well at least I have a cool story now..

Saturday we taught another one of our great familys who live by a cemetery.. And the cemeterys here are way odd.. They dont bury them they just cover the casket in cement and then just kind of stack them around in a area.. Very creeepy and interseting sight to see..

Sadly we havnt watched conf yet, its a week behind here so we will get it this week, I love conf so I am way stoked to listen! I hope you had a good time with hearing conf!! THis will be my third time hearing conf on my mish! Wow thats weird three times... Well thats about all my week, we are still doing good here in San Miguel haha I am becoming for Penoy each day, I have been converted to rice.. Erry day.. Plus I am being tipid so I have to wash my own clothes.. by hand. I am becoming professional at it haha NOT! but oh well..

Love, elder Howell

Friday, October 3, 2014

1 YEAR Na Ako?

People Here Just Love WHITE!

Hey mama! How is it going?? All is good here in Baliwag! Still got a cough sort of chronic but its all good haha its slowly going away! This week was pretty solid except for Saturday and Sunday, we had to go all the way to Baliwag for District Conf, and the drive is like 2 hours away from our house, so that ate a lot of our time on those two days, but it was cool we had a lot of less actives attend all the way in Baliwag! I am just like why wont you go to church in San Miguel, its cause they are all offended there at our branch so they would rather go all the way to Baliwag haha I dont understand these people some times...
Went on exhanges this week with our DL, that was an interesting experience to say the least haha, he doesnt study PMG or read the BOM aha so it was a weird day for us but it was okay.
Me and my comp are doing good, he is a little weird but I guess who isnt weird, at least he wants to work so I dont care that he is weird as long as he works haha.
Tuesday was a great day for me.. It was my year mark ahah, so me and one of my kabahays had a nice little celebration, I will include the pics haha!
We recieved a referral from our branch pres they are these two girls between 18-20 years old they are way cool and can deff see them getting bap!
On Saturday after the Conf we went to MCdo do eat with our zone and there were a lot of students in there who kept looking at me?.. Dont know why people here just love WHITE! So I used this as an advantage and OYM a bunch of students in the Mcdo haha! It is always funny to talk to Penoys in Tagalog cause they think white people cant speak tag and they get way surprised! haah
Umm all is going good here nothing to complain about we have been getting good work here and finding a lot of new inv! So it is still going good here!

Love elder Howell
PS The scripture I want is 3 nephi 5:13 Thanks

Monday, September 22, 2014


A Little Sick!

Hello momma! How is it going?? I hope you are all awake, sorry I am emailing so late we did a district activity today at Banal na Bundok which when translated to english means holy mountain. So I dont have much to report on this week cause I have been sick this week. I had a fever and aches and soar throat and a cough, so sister Bertin wanted me to stay indoors on Wednesday and Thursday to rest, and then when I got the clear which was on Friday we had another day in because of rain and Typhoons so we couldnt work on Friday either!! So three days in a row with no work!! It was so boring plus I wanted to go out and teach so bad!! But I couldt so I was way stoked to go out and work on Saturday and we went and taught our 2 golden families who are so dope and so ready for the gospel, the Alcantara and Dele Cruz families! The Alacantara family live in like this hut thing in the middle of no where but they are so humble and so receptive! And then the Dele Cruz family are way awesome to cause they have questions but then they answer it them selves so they will be getting a bap date soon! And they came to church on sunday so that was awesome!! Thats about all I have to report this week, dont worry about my health I should be all fine haha!

OH Yeah something for Christmas that I would like is one of the replicas of the original BOM. That would be cool. So thanks.

Also by next week I would have been out over one year!! I come home Sep 23, 2014. So tomorrow is my actually year mark, so I will be doing something cool tomorrow to celebrate hah!

Still loving it out here in San Miguel, its so green and beautiful out here and I will send pics! Funny story elder Guard used to be out in this area so some of them members still remember him haha! 

Hopefully my health will improve this week! 

But all is going well here! 

Love, elder Howell