Monday, September 22, 2014


A Little Sick!

Hello momma! How is it going?? I hope you are all awake, sorry I am emailing so late we did a district activity today at Banal na Bundok which when translated to english means holy mountain. So I dont have much to report on this week cause I have been sick this week. I had a fever and aches and soar throat and a cough, so sister Bertin wanted me to stay indoors on Wednesday and Thursday to rest, and then when I got the clear which was on Friday we had another day in because of rain and Typhoons so we couldnt work on Friday either!! So three days in a row with no work!! It was so boring plus I wanted to go out and teach so bad!! But I couldt so I was way stoked to go out and work on Saturday and we went and taught our 2 golden families who are so dope and so ready for the gospel, the Alcantara and Dele Cruz families! The Alacantara family live in like this hut thing in the middle of no where but they are so humble and so receptive! And then the Dele Cruz family are way awesome to cause they have questions but then they answer it them selves so they will be getting a bap date soon! And they came to church on sunday so that was awesome!! Thats about all I have to report this week, dont worry about my health I should be all fine haha!

OH Yeah something for Christmas that I would like is one of the replicas of the original BOM. That would be cool. So thanks.

Also by next week I would have been out over one year!! I come home Sep 23, 2014. So tomorrow is my actually year mark, so I will be doing something cool tomorrow to celebrate hah!

Still loving it out here in San Miguel, its so green and beautiful out here and I will send pics! Funny story elder Guard used to be out in this area so some of them members still remember him haha! 

Hopefully my health will improve this week! 

But all is going well here! 

Love, elder Howell

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Living in the Boonies! (Bookid)

Hello Mother!! It seems like it was quite the week with the rain, ty coming home, and grandma and grandpa being there haha! Sounds like it was a fun week for all of you!! But how is ty doing? I wish he would email me haha but oh well! And tanners birthday is tomorrow so that is exciting! He is looking older and older every time I get to email you guys!! But I hope you are all together right now so I can chit chat with all the fam! I miss you guys a lot and I am way close to my year mark aahhah! But I am glad all is well!

But my week was pretty good! It started off with a 3 hour ride to get to my new area haha its so far away from every thing! Also brother mike took me the whole way!! IT was so nice of him to take me all the way here to San Miguel Bulican haha! He is so great!! And then arriving to our area and really noticing that it is out in the middle of next week aha! But its so beautiful here lots of rice fields and all sorts of animals, Cows, Caribou, Goats, many kinds of frogs and all sorts of other animals haha! ITs so green and the past few days it has been raining alot.. I think that there was a typhoon or something so there was a bit of flooding this past few weeks haha it was great! I have already had so many interesting experiences here and its only been a week!! haha I think I will like this area the only problem is that in the past the missionaries who used to be here didnt work like at all and were disobedient and stuff so we are like open area but not really ha but I am excited to make this area a lot better than I found it in haha! 

But we have some really cool members in our Branch.. Yes it is just a branch. There was about 40 at church on sundayhaha very little. But the active members are really strong in the church and really awesome! But get this there is over 800 members in San Miguel but only 40 active, lots of people have been offended or cant afford to go to church because it is so far so that is our focus right now is finding these LA and bringing them back.

My companion is really nice his name is elder Lopez from Bacolod "city of smile" He is way cool and loves to work so we are excited for this transfer.

I already know the Lord has a lot in store for me to learn this transfer and maybe my whole stay here, but I am excited and really like it here already so lets light it up!

My goal while I am here is ride a Caribou. Lets goooo!

But all has been well here in the beautiful bukid. I have lots of pics so get ready!

Love you all so much!!

Love elder Howell

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hello!! What a great week I have to report about this week, we saw some miracles this week and it was a great way to end the transfer and my stay here in Fairview.

So yes I am getting transfered. Tomorrow actually. So I am going to Baliwag Zone in San Miguel 2 area. It is the farthest area in our mission. And its way provice with no city so I am way stoked. My comp is elder Lopez, I dont really know him but I am stoked to be out in the BUKID hahah! It will be legit!! The only problem there is acutally finding people haha its mainly hayops lang out there in Baliwag ahah but I am say stoked!!

But it has been bittersweeet cause I really liked Mapayapa ward and this zone so I am sad to be leaving all the the friendships and stuff that I made here. But I am ready to start a new area and build it up like we did here in Mapayapa.

Any ways I wanna just jump right to the chase!! We have done it we are the Roger Banisters of our mission. We got 54 lessons this week!! That is the highest right now!! And thats not all elder Peery and his comp got 50. So between our house we had 104 lessons and 33 new investigators!! We just went HAM this week and I am so glad we were able to accomplish our goals which we have set as a companionship, it was such an awesome week! Plus we had 11 LA come to church which thats just dope! There was just so many blessing we got this week cause of our exact obedience and hard work, like getting a worker when we needed one and stuff like that. But the coolest part was probably sunday. So by Saturday night after weekly planning we had 43 lessons so we needed 7 more to get 50 and we were planning like crazy thinking of who we could go to and who could work with us!! So what happend after church on Sunday we went on splits and that was the only day we went on splits! So elder Sumagaysay went right after church and I  had to wait for Bro Mike cause he was my comp and he had is ward clerk stuff to do. So we left the church and we just went hard again going to all these people we had appointments with and stuff and we get home that night we got 11 lessons! On a sunday! That is the most I have gotten on a sunday so that was cool! Plus saturday the day before I broke my record for most lessons in a day.. 13 in one day no splits haha! So so so many blessings this week! 

I just couldnt stop thanking God for the blessings he gave us this week! Like those arent just basta basta numbers plus alot of the people we are teaching are progressing expesially our LA! I am just so excited for this area in the future it has so many baptisms lined up in September. I am just sad I wont get to see the fruit, but thats okay.

But a certain scripture comes to my mind this week. Alma 26:12. Read it.

But I this week just was so great and again such a great way to end my stay here in Fairview just go out with a BOOM. But gotta love the Panginoon. 

Well until next week out in the Bukid haha! Love you!!

love elder Howell