Monday, September 22, 2014

A Little Sick!

Hello momma! How is it going?? I hope you are all awake, sorry I am emailing so late we did a district activity today at Banal na Bundok which when translated to english means holy mountain. So I dont have much to report on this week cause I have been sick this week. I had a fever and aches and soar throat and a cough, so sister Bertin wanted me to stay indoors on Wednesday and Thursday to rest, and then when I got the clear which was on Friday we had another day in because of rain and Typhoons so we couldnt work on Friday either!! So three days in a row with no work!! It was so boring plus I wanted to go out and teach so bad!! But I couldt so I was way stoked to go out and work on Saturday and we went and taught our 2 golden families who are so dope and so ready for the gospel, the Alcantara and Dele Cruz families! The Alacantara family live in like this hut thing in the middle of no where but they are so humble and so receptive! And then the Dele Cruz family are way awesome to cause they have questions but then they answer it them selves so they will be getting a bap date soon! And they came to church on sunday so that was awesome!! Thats about all I have to report this week, dont worry about my health I should be all fine haha!

OH Yeah something for Christmas that I would like is one of the replicas of the original BOM. That would be cool. So thanks.

Also by next week I would have been out over one year!! I come home Sep 23, 2014. So tomorrow is my actually year mark, so I will be doing something cool tomorrow to celebrate hah!

Still loving it out here in San Miguel, its so green and beautiful out here and I will send pics! Funny story elder Guard used to be out in this area so some of them members still remember him haha! 

Hopefully my health will improve this week! 

But all is going well here! 

Love, elder Howell

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