Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not Michael Jackson...Just Elder Peery!!

New Companion...Elder Sumagaysay!!

Hello mum! Good eve! How church?? Love you mummy?? Whats my account I am withdrawing today! so I need to know how much I have! Thanks love ya!!

But this week I got my new companion elder Sumagaysay!! He is was cool and we get along great! He is good at teaching and he is an obedient missionary and we have been working hard and we killed it this week! Like we went ham! Haha! We got 11 lessons one day!! I mean I dont know if thats a lot but thats the most both of us have gotten in one day! And that was no splits and no workers!! Also this week we got 12 new investigators which is way good! We actually got acknowledged by the ZLS hehe not to brag... (: But my new comp is way cool! He is from Bacolod which is in the Visayas, he is really cool and he makes me laugh all the time! So we have been having fun so far and are getting along as well! Plus we made it a goal for next week to get 40+ lessons next week! We just wanna go harder and harder every day!! And increase every thing so we are stoked! But elder Peery my kabahay told me my Tagalog is getting good. Maybe cause my last comp and my comp no dont really speak english! So that makes me happy that I got told that! But I still need to improve! Right now we dont got many people ready for baptism but I fasted this fast sunday that we would be able to get one this transfer so lets keep our fingers crossed!! Right now we are just finding a lot of investigators and just increasing our teaching pool as much as possible!! So I am really happy right now and every thing is going great! Today we are going to SM and celebrate my birthday and buy me a couple things for my self!! So that should be fun!!

But yesterday was an imterestong fast and testimony meeting elder Peerys inverstigator got up and bore his testimony and keep in mind he is getting baptized AUG 22.. He like got up at the pulpit and told us that he had killed alot of people in his life cause he likes guns.. AWK.. So elder Peery was pretty sad about that. I feel bad too he has been working hard with this inv who is like golden future stake pres inv, so i hope every thing works out with him..

But all is well here in the Philippines! We are just always wet haha!! Non stop rain!! Like now its buckets! But its all good! Got to love it!! But this is my report.

Love elder Howell

Cat Like Reflexes!

Roger Banister GOAL?

Hello mother how goes it?? I hope every thing is going good with all of you back home! Do you have a more pics for me?? I love seeing pics of our family and stuff that is going on with you all!! 

I know that you are wondering about this week to see if we were able to accomplish our "Roger Banister" goals this week?.. Well we didnt get the 50 lessons but thats okay because a lot of good things happened this week and we have plans on plans for next week to continue progressing our area! So that is good. Our house has the highest numbers in the Zone and Fairvew right now is the best zone in the mission so thats another dope thing thats going on! So lets hope the work keeps on moving forward, just like elder Oakes said last conference "there is no stepping up or stepping down in the Church only forward or backward" so thats the truth there is only two directions we can go and its only looking up from where we are now, so everyone is excited to see where things go.

All is going well in Mapayapa ward me and elder Sumagaysay are still loving it, he is way cool and I am learning a lot from him. So thats a plus of this week.

One of the downs is that our two most progressing Inv who are getting baptized soon didnt show up to church so now we have to move there bap date and I prob wont get to see the fruits from our labors. Also another down this week we had to "drop" some of our inv and LA cause they just were not progressing and we need to use our time as best as possible and teach the people who are willing to change, its sad to drop people you have been teaching and who you love but you know you gotta do what you gotta do.

The ward is starting to step it up a little they just called new ward missionaries so now we have people to work with us. So there is another plus.

Yesterday the Ward mission Leader dipped out of the meeting cause he didnt wanna stay haah. So that how thats going.

We found some new inv this week who seem interested but they just didnt come to church. Thats just something that we have been struggling with is getting them to church so lets hope that that changes quick.

But all in all every thing is going good in our area and I love my comp he is way cool. So all is well.

love you all


Monday, August 18, 2014

My and my zone leader are DOPE!

Be LIKE Roger Banister

So I think I will tell you about my week this past week! So on wednesday we had mission tour because we have gotten a new area presidency member named elder Bowen. So half our mission met on wednesday and the other half met on thursday! They had such great messages and I was just getting pumped up about the stuff he was saying! He emphasized on finding and litterally talking to everyone and how we shouldnt be afraid and how we can talk to 50 people in just one day!! Also he told us the story of Roger Banister who was the first person to break the 4 minute mile and how he compared it to false limitations and how in each area there are false limitations and stuff like that and missions need a Roger Banister who go out and get 50 lessons in a week and show everyone that it can be done you just need to exercise your faith and go out and work!! I loved it!! He also gave a good formula Obedience+Work with Faith=Miracles. Awesome formula!! So true!! I know that as we are obedient and work with faith we can get miracles!! I just got so motivated to work even harder than I have been working!! So I decided I was going to be the Roger Banister of our mission and break the false limitations! So that was an awesome day for me!! And then we continued the week with chastising LA and telling Inv they need to come to church you know the usual. 

But something really cool happend on sunday! Brother Theodore Madike got the Aaronic priesthood!! It was so awesome to see that happening to them, I almost cried when it happend! This family is so special to me and I cant wait until I see them sealed next year and with brother Madike getting the priesthood he might baptize someone this Friday!! Cause elder Peerys inv is getting baptized and they are like good friends hah which I dont know how cause Bro Madike speaks no Tagalog, so maybe the other guy is good at english ahah! But its way cool to see the progression of that family. Then nanay Madike was telling me when she has free time at work she reads the book of mormon!! And then she like teaches her work mates about it and tells them that they can be happy with this book!! It just makes me so happy that they are going so strong and they havnt even been members for six months!! Like just the little things like that make me so happy and so blessed!! It was funny she was just going off about the story of the BOM and relating it to how in this world the same things are happening! That family is dope.

My comp is still dope and funny as nutz.

All is going good! Still working hard and seeing the blessings coming from it.

We should have at least 6 baptisms in September and two weddings.

Mapayapa is going good and is Mapayapa pa rin!

Gotta love the Lords work.

I love ya mother! TTYS

love jack

Happy 19th Birthday!

A Solid Week

Wow your guys trip looks great!!! It looks like a blast and the city looks co cool!! Lets just say I am way jealous of your trip it looks awesome where you guys are!! I hope you all are staying safe and having a good time!! Love you all!

But this week was a solid week for us not the best but not the worst, we had lots of stuff going on this week ha.

So last monday was pday so we went to SM and I got my self some ties and a nice long sleeve polo so happy birthday to my self! hehe.(I will include pics)

Then on Wednesday we had exchanges with the MTC missionaries, where they come in and get to see what its like in the field for couple of hours. It was fun mine was from Tonga. Its nice to go with these fresh na fresh missionaries and see how much your Tagalog or just plain missionariness improves so that was fun.

Then thursday was just a normal day working hard getting work done and inviting people to be baptized. Sister Sheryl Mendoza gave her a bap date for Sep 6th and her wedding is going to be the day before. It is a part member family we have been working with, the husband is a LA and she is the INV and they came to church yesterday so that was dope! hala

Then Saturday we had MTC exchanges again so that kind of sucked cause it takes up a lot of time but it was dope my comp was elder Howell haha crazy so we were elder Howell squared hehee! Plus there was some sister missionary who claimed we were best friends when we were children.. AWK.. I had no idea who she was oh well.. So that was a pretty good day!

Also Saturday was my birthday and lots of people wished me happy birthday and the members house we always eat at Bro Pono fed us and I got to choose what we had.. I chose dog... But its ilegal now daw so we just got some delicous ulam and lumpia! And then bro Mike pulled in the clutch and got us some ice cream and then every one sung to me! Then we went home and continued the celebration hehe my comp baught me some ice cream as well and all the party decorations court sent me we decortated our kitchen and had ice cream. No cake... But it was fun then with all the baloons we had a baloon fight hahah! It was dope! All in all it was a solid birthday for elder howell.

Every thing is going good here in Mapayapa. Its very "mapayapa" except for the dead body they found by our house last sunday... SKETCHY.. Oh well. All is good!! hehe!

But thanks for all the birthday wishes love you all!! 

Love, elder Howell