Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Companion...Elder Sumagaysay!!

Hello mum! Good eve! How church?? Love you mummy?? Whats my account I am withdrawing today! so I need to know how much I have! Thanks love ya!!

But this week I got my new companion elder Sumagaysay!! He is was cool and we get along great! He is good at teaching and he is an obedient missionary and we have been working hard and we killed it this week! Like we went ham! Haha! We got 11 lessons one day!! I mean I dont know if thats a lot but thats the most both of us have gotten in one day! And that was no splits and no workers!! Also this week we got 12 new investigators which is way good! We actually got acknowledged by the ZLS hehe not to brag... (: But my new comp is way cool! He is from Bacolod which is in the Visayas, he is really cool and he makes me laugh all the time! So we have been having fun so far and are getting along as well! Plus we made it a goal for next week to get 40+ lessons next week! We just wanna go harder and harder every day!! And increase every thing so we are stoked! But elder Peery my kabahay told me my Tagalog is getting good. Maybe cause my last comp and my comp no dont really speak english! So that makes me happy that I got told that! But I still need to improve! Right now we dont got many people ready for baptism but I fasted this fast sunday that we would be able to get one this transfer so lets keep our fingers crossed!! Right now we are just finding a lot of investigators and just increasing our teaching pool as much as possible!! So I am really happy right now and every thing is going great! Today we are going to SM and celebrate my birthday and buy me a couple things for my self!! So that should be fun!!

But yesterday was an imterestong fast and testimony meeting elder Peerys inverstigator got up and bore his testimony and keep in mind he is getting baptized AUG 22.. He like got up at the pulpit and told us that he had killed alot of people in his life cause he likes guns.. AWK.. So elder Peery was pretty sad about that. I feel bad too he has been working hard with this inv who is like golden future stake pres inv, so i hope every thing works out with him..

But all is well here in the Philippines! We are just always wet haha!! Non stop rain!! Like now its buckets! But its all good! Got to love it!! But this is my report.

Love elder Howell

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