Monday, August 18, 2014

Be LIKE Roger Banister

So I think I will tell you about my week this past week! So on wednesday we had mission tour because we have gotten a new area presidency member named elder Bowen. So half our mission met on wednesday and the other half met on thursday! They had such great messages and I was just getting pumped up about the stuff he was saying! He emphasized on finding and litterally talking to everyone and how we shouldnt be afraid and how we can talk to 50 people in just one day!! Also he told us the story of Roger Banister who was the first person to break the 4 minute mile and how he compared it to false limitations and how in each area there are false limitations and stuff like that and missions need a Roger Banister who go out and get 50 lessons in a week and show everyone that it can be done you just need to exercise your faith and go out and work!! I loved it!! He also gave a good formula Obedience+Work with Faith=Miracles. Awesome formula!! So true!! I know that as we are obedient and work with faith we can get miracles!! I just got so motivated to work even harder than I have been working!! So I decided I was going to be the Roger Banister of our mission and break the false limitations! So that was an awesome day for me!! And then we continued the week with chastising LA and telling Inv they need to come to church you know the usual. 

But something really cool happend on sunday! Brother Theodore Madike got the Aaronic priesthood!! It was so awesome to see that happening to them, I almost cried when it happend! This family is so special to me and I cant wait until I see them sealed next year and with brother Madike getting the priesthood he might baptize someone this Friday!! Cause elder Peerys inv is getting baptized and they are like good friends hah which I dont know how cause Bro Madike speaks no Tagalog, so maybe the other guy is good at english ahah! But its way cool to see the progression of that family. Then nanay Madike was telling me when she has free time at work she reads the book of mormon!! And then she like teaches her work mates about it and tells them that they can be happy with this book!! It just makes me so happy that they are going so strong and they havnt even been members for six months!! Like just the little things like that make me so happy and so blessed!! It was funny she was just going off about the story of the BOM and relating it to how in this world the same things are happening! That family is dope.

My comp is still dope and funny as nutz.

All is going good! Still working hard and seeing the blessings coming from it.

We should have at least 6 baptisms in September and two weddings.

Mapayapa is going good and is Mapayapa pa rin!

Gotta love the Lords work.

I love ya mother! TTYS

love jack

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