Monday, August 18, 2014

A Solid Week

Wow your guys trip looks great!!! It looks like a blast and the city looks co cool!! Lets just say I am way jealous of your trip it looks awesome where you guys are!! I hope you all are staying safe and having a good time!! Love you all!

But this week was a solid week for us not the best but not the worst, we had lots of stuff going on this week ha.

So last monday was pday so we went to SM and I got my self some ties and a nice long sleeve polo so happy birthday to my self! hehe.(I will include pics)

Then on Wednesday we had exchanges with the MTC missionaries, where they come in and get to see what its like in the field for couple of hours. It was fun mine was from Tonga. Its nice to go with these fresh na fresh missionaries and see how much your Tagalog or just plain missionariness improves so that was fun.

Then thursday was just a normal day working hard getting work done and inviting people to be baptized. Sister Sheryl Mendoza gave her a bap date for Sep 6th and her wedding is going to be the day before. It is a part member family we have been working with, the husband is a LA and she is the INV and they came to church yesterday so that was dope! hala

Then Saturday we had MTC exchanges again so that kind of sucked cause it takes up a lot of time but it was dope my comp was elder Howell haha crazy so we were elder Howell squared hehee! Plus there was some sister missionary who claimed we were best friends when we were children.. AWK.. I had no idea who she was oh well.. So that was a pretty good day!

Also Saturday was my birthday and lots of people wished me happy birthday and the members house we always eat at Bro Pono fed us and I got to choose what we had.. I chose dog... But its ilegal now daw so we just got some delicous ulam and lumpia! And then bro Mike pulled in the clutch and got us some ice cream and then every one sung to me! Then we went home and continued the celebration hehe my comp baught me some ice cream as well and all the party decorations court sent me we decortated our kitchen and had ice cream. No cake... But it was fun then with all the baloons we had a baloon fight hahah! It was dope! All in all it was a solid birthday for elder howell.

Every thing is going good here in Mapayapa. Its very "mapayapa" except for the dead body they found by our house last sunday... SKETCHY.. Oh well. All is good!! hehe!

But thanks for all the birthday wishes love you all!! 

Love, elder Howell

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