Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Roger Banister GOAL?

Hello mother how goes it?? I hope every thing is going good with all of you back home! Do you have a more pics for me?? I love seeing pics of our family and stuff that is going on with you all!! 

I know that you are wondering about this week to see if we were able to accomplish our "Roger Banister" goals this week?.. Well we didnt get the 50 lessons but thats okay because a lot of good things happened this week and we have plans on plans for next week to continue progressing our area! So that is good. Our house has the highest numbers in the Zone and Fairvew right now is the best zone in the mission so thats another dope thing thats going on! So lets hope the work keeps on moving forward, just like elder Oakes said last conference "there is no stepping up or stepping down in the Church only forward or backward" so thats the truth there is only two directions we can go and its only looking up from where we are now, so everyone is excited to see where things go.

All is going well in Mapayapa ward me and elder Sumagaysay are still loving it, he is way cool and I am learning a lot from him. So thats a plus of this week.

One of the downs is that our two most progressing Inv who are getting baptized soon didnt show up to church so now we have to move there bap date and I prob wont get to see the fruits from our labors. Also another down this week we had to "drop" some of our inv and LA cause they just were not progressing and we need to use our time as best as possible and teach the people who are willing to change, its sad to drop people you have been teaching and who you love but you know you gotta do what you gotta do.

The ward is starting to step it up a little they just called new ward missionaries so now we have people to work with us. So there is another plus.

Yesterday the Ward mission Leader dipped out of the meeting cause he didnt wanna stay haah. So that how thats going.

We found some new inv this week who seem interested but they just didnt come to church. Thats just something that we have been struggling with is getting them to church so lets hope that that changes quick.

But all in all every thing is going good in our area and I love my comp he is way cool. So all is well.

love you all


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