Monday, November 24, 2014


So maybe I will tell you about my week as well! So last week was a great week for us here in San Miguel, and I didnt know it could get better, but it did, this week was even better than the week before!!

It just was such a solid week here for us, maybe cause it was the opening sunday of our new chapel and every one was just so hyped for that! But the church attendance was 149! My first sunday was 30.. quite an increase!! Plus we worked really hard to try to beat last weeks numbers and we did!!

We were able to get so many new investigators 26!! Our teaching pool right now is just getting huge, we just have no teach the ones that are willing to progress, so the more the merrier.

My dry spell is finally over, we finally got some INV to come to church, so I was so thankful for that and it has been a blessing of our hard work to get some progressing investigators!! 

Also the investigator who told us to pick him up the last two weeks who flaked twice promised us he would come but he doesnt know where it is, so we were like okay we will come, cause you know third times a charm and all that jazz, well I dont think third times a charm works here, he didnt come with us.. So frustrating, oh well he has his agency. 

Sister Lara is still doing great, she is my favorite investigator by far and she is golden, she shares the gospel to her friends and now we are teaching her and and all her friends and they are great INV too! They promised us they would all come to church this upcoming sunday and I belive them! I am so excited for them! She will get baptized there isnt a doubt in my mind, she is just to solid, she is awesome!

Well this area is progressing like crazy, I can just remember when I first came here and it was a joke at what this area was, but now its great, just got to continually thank the Lord for all my blessings, but I know he has been here all along the way helping me! 

So I can say I love SAN MIGUEL!!

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