Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby Steps

I am happy that things are going a little better and that britt is taking baby steps. And it was so touching to see the whole community coming together for such a good cause and to see tanners and his buddies always going to the hospital and hanging out with him as if it were normal, so touching. I would like one of those believe for britton braclets if that is possible. Any ways they have been in my prayers every day and night this past week, so it brings me joy that things are looking up a bit. #powerofprayer

So this week was a busy but really solid week here in San Miguel!

I saw busy because two days we had no work.. On wednesday we had to go to Cubao(in QC Mission) its about a 4 hour bus ride away, we had to go because my comp had a dentist appointment and that is the only "safe" place to go get dental stuff done. And the other day was on Saturday, usually our best day of work for us, we had a zone conference all the way in Camerin where the mission office is, we didnt get home until like 9is so again no work so that was pretty rough, but the conf was great learned a lot of new stuff from the AP and our mission pres! 

I also said it was a solid week becsause the other days that we could work we went HAM and worked really hard cause we knew we had to make up for the two days that we wouldnt be able to work. So we OYM like crazy and got 17 new investigators who are all willing to listen and some of those are families! I love finding people who are prepared for the Gospel! Like last monday night we were walking to an appnt and this guy has a huge smile on his face and just sticks out his hand for me to shake it, and the people who are normaly like that are drunk so that crossed my mind.. But we talked with him and set up a return appnt and we went back and taught him and he said that what happend that night wasnt chance and that he was suppose to meet with us and he wants to get baptized and come to church and every thing!! It was such a miracle! But we went to go pick him up for church and he must have been shy or scared but we heard him say to his kid umalis ako, umalis ako! (I am gone I am gone) then his son comes out and is like oh he is gone.. That sucks and so does satan. Next week na lang haha.

Sister Lara is doing really good she really wants t come to church and she accepted a bap date for Dec 6, but she still hasnt come to church because she has lots of phobias.. So pray for Lara, but gosh she is so good at reading her assignments and she knows this is the true church, we just need to build her faith that she can do it!

We found 4 new brgys(city) this week in our area.. Our area is so large haha but it is getting so much better than when I first got here, I can see the future potential for this area! I love san mig!! ahah

Oh I also got your letters today!! That was really happy!! Thank ytou!!! Still no card.. So I have to wait another three weeks to get it..

Cultural note.. People fight spiders here, and since we live in the middle of no where there are a lot of spiders, so at night when we get home we fight the spiders we caught.. Its legit.. I named mine Hercules, cause he cant lose. And these aren't ordinary spiders they are large..

We had a CSP tday, I love service #mosiah2:17

Well thats about my week, I love you so much and keep me posted abut brit!!

Love, elder Howell

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