Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey mom, sounds like Vegas was a good time with all the girls, I would like to go to vegas after the mish and play some poker and black jack ahah!! But sounds fun!! All is good on my end, its just been really hot here latly, hoping it will cool down! How are things with you guys! hope to hear from you soon! love you!

Any ways things are going good here in San Miguel and we continue to increase the numbers here in San Miguel! 

So many good things happened this week! We have been focusing a lot on finding in our mission so of course if we want to get new investigators we have to talk to people and go finding, so we talked to 60 people and got 14 new investigators this week so that was a huge plus about this week.

We found a few families this week and I love families and teaching them that we have a message that can make their family happier, but these families we found are really really poor families, like they really have like nothing, like this first house we went to it was a concrete room with nothing in it, no chairs or tables or nothing, they litterally had nothing.. so sad, but its so humbling as well. Also the other ones live by the river in this wooden box basically on stilts so when it floods it doesnt get to their "house" These experiences make me really count my blessings for what we have, some times we take simple things for granted but these people literally have nothing so its good to always be greatful that is a great lesson I have learned this week!

Also we are getting a new chapel!! All the members are so excited to get into the new chapel, we will go to church there next sunday! I am glad to get out of the ghetto meeting house, the new chapel is huge and so so nice, I will send pics next week when I go to it!

We are teaching a lot of families right now and they are so awesome, I just hope and have faith that they will progress cause we all know that what we are teaching them will just help their lives so much! 

Any ways that is basically my week, lots of new INV and lots of talking to people, this area is really getting better and its making me really happy to see the progress in this area, lets hope and pray we can get a baptism! 

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