Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't Worry Mom!

Hello mother I hate to make you worry and all ah but we are A okay here in San Miguel, nothing has happend not even a little rain.. It changed course late last night and is going west now, so we should be safe and sound here!

Hopefully you guys werent worrying to much and I hope you were able to have a good week!

Things here are continually getting better for us! I am loving it so much here in San Mig!! 

First off sister Lara is doing great and we she came to church again so now she only has to come two more times and she can get baptized! We are so excited for her and she is progressing so well! And of course she brought all her friends as well to church, also brother Boyd one of our Inv came to church, so we should get a few baptisms before this year closes out, so safe to say we are counting our blessings as well!

We also were able to find another Family this week, and they are a way awesome family, its the mom and dad and then they have two daughters and one of them is a speacial child, and they are so receptive to our message and love having us over, we are praying for them that they can progress!

Dont really know what else to say haha, just know that things are going really goood here for us and we are continually increasing our numbers each week! I really do like being here ahaha and elder Maddela is way cool and funny we are having a good time!

FYI I opened up my christmas package!! It was so awesome haha I loved all the things you were able to put into it, so thank you so so much!!

Also I have been cooking a lot lately, this week I made fried chicken and sweet and sour pork haha i bet you would be impressed aha!

Ohhh I ate some nasty food this week.. its called Buro.. its fermented rice.. its nasty haha google it!

I hope that you guys are doing good! I love you so much!! 

love elder Howell

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