Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling Lazy Today!

hey haha nice braces first off ahaha and that sucks about my card.. So should I cut my card and toss it now?..

But my week was pretty decent I guess, we are still struggling getting inv at church so it is really frustrating at times but I guess we need to just go on. I dont have too much to report about haha other that the fact I had exchanges on Thursdayand I went with elder Nelson who is a new missionary from Mapleton Utah ahha! It was such a dope day and we killed it! Things just seem easier when you have two with guys! We had such a fun time just working and going ham! Also we just talked it up and told stories all day ahha it was such a fun day for us, plus I gave him some advice about his comp who he is struggling with and that even tho his comp is disobedient doesnt mean he just takes it ha so as of now they are doing much better and so that is cool. 

One down this week was that we had one of our family investigators drop us, that sucked but I guess we just got to move on, they said they just wanted to be Catholic and not change but they have their agency.

Conference was really good other than the fact that it was in Tagalog.. That sucked actually haha. But it was still good. It was just weird looking at elder Holland and having a Tagalog translation coming out with no emotion. So it was a little hard to focus on the talks but it was solid. I miss America.

On Friday we got a new inv who was the old Brngy Cap in our area so he might be the richest dude in our area haha so that was dope, plus on saturday we went to his sisters house who might be the second richest in our area so we are teaching the old Brngy Cap, his sister and his niece. The niece seems the most interested and is way cool so lets hope something happens out of these new people.

Also something cool on exchanges was we were just walking and had gone pretty far and there wernt many houses but then I got feeling to go down this random road that was the last road then we showed up and taught this dude hah it was cool, the Lord is preparing people for us!

That is basically my week ahah not much going on here haha same ol same ol, but pday was fun we just did a zone activity and played a bunch of games so that was fun to do that and to also be with some friends in the zone. But yeah thats me.

sorry its pretty short I am feeling lazy today. ha lol

love elder howell

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