Friday, October 3, 2014

People Here Just Love WHITE!

Hey mama! How is it going?? All is good here in Baliwag! Still got a cough sort of chronic but its all good haha its slowly going away! This week was pretty solid except for Saturday and Sunday, we had to go all the way to Baliwag for District Conf, and the drive is like 2 hours away from our house, so that ate a lot of our time on those two days, but it was cool we had a lot of less actives attend all the way in Baliwag! I am just like why wont you go to church in San Miguel, its cause they are all offended there at our branch so they would rather go all the way to Baliwag haha I dont understand these people some times...
Went on exhanges this week with our DL, that was an interesting experience to say the least haha, he doesnt study PMG or read the BOM aha so it was a weird day for us but it was okay.
Me and my comp are doing good, he is a little weird but I guess who isnt weird, at least he wants to work so I dont care that he is weird as long as he works haha.
Tuesday was a great day for me.. It was my year mark ahah, so me and one of my kabahays had a nice little celebration, I will include the pics haha!
We recieved a referral from our branch pres they are these two girls between 18-20 years old they are way cool and can deff see them getting bap!
On Saturday after the Conf we went to MCdo do eat with our zone and there were a lot of students in there who kept looking at me?.. Dont know why people here just love WHITE! So I used this as an advantage and OYM a bunch of students in the Mcdo haha! It is always funny to talk to Penoys in Tagalog cause they think white people cant speak tag and they get way surprised! haah
Umm all is going good here nothing to complain about we have been getting good work here and finding a lot of new inv! So it is still going good here!

Love elder Howell
PS The scripture I want is 3 nephi 5:13 Thanks

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