Monday, February 16, 2015

Carved Pearl Shells

Hello mother how are you?? Seems like you had a solid week this week with all of your basball and family coming down to visit! 

What does the temple reccomend holder look like?? And what is in the package that you sent to me just barly? 

Make sure you send it by air cause he goes home the first week of April!! So make sure it gets here before it goes home! 

I bought some souvineers today for the house I guess.. They are way cool carved pearl shells!! I guess you will have to wait and see them when I get home.. Also did you guys like the package I sent a while ago?.. I heard nothing from tan and dad.. they must not have liked it..

YES MASTER HOWELL HAHAHA! Thats crazy that you are already almost done with school!! Time flies doesnt it!!

When is the starting day for Dixie?.. And when do you need to know by?.. Just curious.

Any ways we had a great week here haha! Dont really know what else to tell you guys about other than the fact that things are going really good and I am enjoying it really well here!! 

Our area is probs the best Zone Leader area in the whole mission ahah.. I dont know if thats true but I bet it could be.. 

Any ways love you mom!!

love jack

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