Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dad, you are a wonderful writer and bring me to tears every time i read your letters!! I bet camping was awesome! Did you hike to the top of the mountain like you planed? I bet the weather was great!! The weather up here gets a little chllly in the mornings but by mid day it is warm again! I cant believe you took bella into the outdoors!! haha was she like freaking out the whole time you were there?? I have a cool story to share with you, i have been worried abou you guys and Courtney and i have been praying a lot to keep you guys so and was still worried until i was prompted to go into D&C section 100, and the verses i read were abut Joseph Smith and he was away from his family for an extended period of time, and like me he started to miss them so he prayed, and heavenly father said... You dont need to worry you are doing the lords work and your family is in my hands i will keep them safe. How awesome is that the Lord wanted me to see that for a reason and teared up to the fact that i didnt need to worry about it any more because i am doing the lords work and he will keep you guys and courtney safe!! I was so happy after reading this!! But i hope all is good in St. George i am still loving the MTC and all the stuff here! I hope school is doing good, And keep rooting for the dodgers for me!! Love and miss you dad.

Love Elder Howell

To Jackson:

1.  Did you get the jeans and what did you need them for?
2.  Have you received the donuts, cinnamon rolls, swedish fish, cookies and box of goodies?
3.  How is the language coming? (really...don't sugar coat)
4.  Tell me a little about each companion...(where from, how old? where they are going?)
5.  What is the day like for you in the MTC?  (start to finish)
6.  What is your PDay like?
7.  What do you need?  What can I send you?

Answered by Jackson: 

1. YES
2. Yes and thank you so much i have shared them with my district!
3. I think it is going good! I enjoy learning this language so much and its such a beautiful thing to learn and preach in the native tongue of these people!
5. We wake up at 6:15 shower, then at 7-8 we have personal study and i usually read scriptures and study preach my gospel, Then at 8:15 we have breakfast(defiantly my least fav meal) than at 8:45 we have class and this goes until 11:45, which is usually language learning and some gospel learning in there too, and also we have 2 investigators and we teach them like 3 times a week. Then we either have language study from 11:45 until 1:10 or companionship study, so we get to compose a lesson for our upcoming investigator. Then at 1:10 we have lunch and that goes until 1:55 and then after lunch we have more study time. Then at 2:45 we have class again until 5:45, then at 5:45 we have a daily planning session which we use to plan out our next day. Then at 6:10 we have dinner until 7:00 and i either will have TALL(a computer software language program) or i have gym and that goes until 8:05 and if i do TALL after dinner, then i go to gym until 9 but if i have gym after dinner instead of TALL i have study time after gym for an hour. That is basically my day oh and i go to bed at 10:30
6.Pday starts off with study and then breakfast. After breakfast i come and read emails and respond to them. Then at 10:40 we have laundry to do!! Then we have the temple at 3:00 so in between the scheduled things we have free time to do whatever(get hair cut, nap do more emails, etc) then at 6 we have class/ teaching an investigator until 8!! then more study until 9:30.
4. First there is elder Manley, he is so funny and makes our whole district laugh!! i love that kid haha he is from California! He does an asian women impersonation and for some reason its my grandma so our whole distirct is like "elder manley when is grandma howell coming today?" hahaha its so funny to hear him talk like and old Asian lady!! He is going to Tacloban, Then there is elder Oakes who is so awesome and is so in tuned with the spirit its amazing to study and do things with him cause he knows so much about doctrine and scripture!! He is from Washington and is going to Tacloban as well.
7. I am good now, our whole district has been sick so i just bought some cold medicine here and i am getting better but i am good!! thanks tho!!

Awesome i am so glad you guys are treating here like a member of the family it makes me so happy!! So is growing so much spiritually too its so amazing and she always sends such nice and uplifting letters!! Sorry about the pics i havnt taken very many but i will start!!

Love Elder Howell

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