Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jacksons letter to Mom (Notice how short it is:)

I am so glad you guys had fun during his birthday dinner! You can make it through your class i promise, the Lord gives us these hard trials to only make us stronger people, and i know that you can do it!! Okay cool just let me know! Its crazy to think i am over half way done here! and i only have like 18 days left here!! crazyyyy!! Thats sad, make sure you make him feel loved, i think that's the best way, also i wouldn't enforce to much on him dating right away cause he prob got hurt pretty bad. Yeah me too she is so awesome and she makes me so happy. And all her letters are so uplifting. But keep writing i love everything i get from you guys!! love you mom!

Elder Howell

Jacksons letter to Dad (Notice a little longer...haha)

 Jealous! That sounds so much better than the food we are getting here haha!! How many games up are they?? And is kershaw still dominating? what is his era? thats awesome i am glad to hear he is healthy again!! Yeah it was really cool to see them, i got asked to host, and i knew he was coming in today so i kept waiting for their car and next thing you know there they were!! It was cool to see people from the real world haha! but it was way cool and good to see family!! Thats so awesome you will have to let me know how he does, why does he have to go up north and take it? Yes, it is starting to get quite cold here, but i kind of like it cause its going to be so hot where i am going so its going to be a nice little thing before i go, it also has been raining a lot here! Its coming good!! My last email was my testimony in cebuano! And we are encouraged to only speak cebuano now, its tough but its a nice challenge. Oh and thanks so much for those goodies and the sweatshirts cause its starting to get cold so thanks so much!!! I miss you so much dad, i miss all of our dodger talks and all of the good times we had together, you never realize how good you have it until its "gone" but i know i need to be out here and i know you and me will be eternally blessed for me going on a mission. And i am so excited to serve the people of the philippines. Thanks so much dad i love your emails and letters they are so uplifting and encouraging, love you so much!

Love elder Howell

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