Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First week as a Trainer!!

Hey what up mamma!! How is it going! First off I wanna say how awesome it was to skype you on mothers day! I hope that that was a good mothers gift from me to you!! It was so great to see and talk to you!! Crazy how fast that time from christmas to May was! Now just think that the next time we skype I will be kinda closish to going home!! CRAYYY!! Its going wayyy fast!! Like woah!! But how has your week been?? How is good ole St Geezy?? Is it nice and hot like it is here?? Cause it is full on summer in the Philippines!! So enjoy the nice 80 weather and I will enjoy this 105 degree weather with 100% humidity! haha. So just to say its just a little warmish! What is the familys plan for this summer? Any thing fun planned or not much cause we just bought a new house! But just dont do any thing to fun with out me there!! And I will try not to do the same here ahah if thats possible joke of course the Philippines is fun, like there slogan "Its more fun in the Philippines!" But It sounds like every thing is good in Utah! Love you mom!

So my week has been a good week for me! I have been working my butt off in my area making sure that my trainee understands the importance of being masipag and also obedient. So we have just been going HAM! Like we are just finding and teaching and going to get people baptized! We have 2 bap this Saturday which I am pretty stoked about! We also have 2 investigators with BAP dates next month and hopefully we are going to add one to that too! So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this work keeps getting better in Mapayapa ward!! But every thing is going good with me and my anak! He is a really nice kid but I cannt really say kid cause he is 24 years old but hey, he at least looks like he could be a kid haha! But he is really nice and really willing to learn how to teach and speak better Tagalog! Which is hard for me cause I feel like I am trying to do the same thing as well! haha But it has helped me a lot having to do every thing and just speak Tagalog like all the time. So I can feel that my Tagalog has gotten better from the start of the transfer! Also we have found a lot of inv this week so right now we have a pretty good teaching pool with a lot of people to go to that all seem to be progessing and all the investigators I could honestly see get baptized! So I will say I have really liked training so far! Also on exchanges me and this elder who is my kabahuay went on exchanges and he is American and his name is elder Peery! He is dope and we just opened up a big old can of Whoop... Here is the Gospel... in our area and dropped down 10 lessons in one day! Most I have had in one day on my mission! But it was nice to work with an American and also someone who is on the same page as me who knows more about whats going on! So it was nice! And he is way cool! But this week we are mainly gearing up for our baptism on saturday and are really excited for the Madike family! Cause Nanay and the other daughter are getting baptized!! So I am just so happy for this family and cannot wait until I get to see them get baptized cause they really are my favorite family I have taught in my mish!! I will deffinatly come back and visit them if I have time or money haha! But yeah every thing is going good! I am trying to be the best trainer that I can be it tough and really stressful but it really is a huge blessing and a big trust that the President and the Lord has on me! I am going to try my best to train my kid the way a missionary should be! So lets hope he heeds my council! But our area is doing great and my mission President told us after our zone interview on Monday that how our companionship is, is how missionaries should be and stuff like that and he always tells me how I will do great things in this mission! Maybe he is prophesying about me being future AP hahaha joke lang well maybe...(; 

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