Monday, April 28, 2014

Fourteen Baptisms in ONE DAY!!

Sounds like you had a good week! With court going through the temple and you guys going to SLC and going to see war horse and also seeing family while you were up there! I love the selfies haha! It makes me laugh seeing you guys taking selfies! And it sounds like the play was really good! It also sounds really cool! Will they be playing Les Mis any time soon haha? And if you do you better go to it! haha! I still have not received mail, for some reason last week our entire district didnt receive mail so I think some thing went wrong I dont know. But hopefully next week I will receive letters! Also I need stamps too so if you could send me stamps in a letter that would be great!! You put the package on a boat haha? Thats going to take months to get here.. How big is the package? Is it huge or something? I guess I will just have to wait and see!

This week was an alright week for elder Rama and I, we did though have the lowest numbers we had together but thats okay we still worked hard we just had stuff happen that made it so we weren't able to go and teach as many people as we could. We had a lot of appointments scheduled but we didn't have a lalakai with us and a lot of people that we have teaching right now the husband isn't home or its just a female.. So we didn't teach as many lessons as we could cause we couldn't get a worker to work with us so then we could enter into these houses and teach! But we were able to find a few new investigators so I guess that was good. Also about the Madike family.. There baptismal date is onMay 3rd and we teach them on Saturday and Sunday. But elder Rama was busy on Saturday with interviews cause he is the DL so I had to go with another missionary to teach them. Which was fine but its better when your with your actual companion who knows these people and stuff like that. But we taught them and then we were going to kind of recommit them to be baptized because Nanay and Sarah hadn't fully committed to be baptized so we were recommitting them to be baptized with Shane and Sheryl on Saturday, but they declined but Nanay had a perfectly good reason why she didn't want to. She said she wants her husband to be there and witness her get baptized and also for him to get baptized himself. And she knows that its true too, she just wants her whole family to be baptized together and not be any conflicts which I can totally understand why she feels that way, so her husband is coming to the Philippines in the first part of May so we are really hoping and praying that he will be accepting to the Gospel! But as of now we have Shane and Sheryl scheduled for baptism for May 3! So at least we have two of them, and I am really positive that we will get the others as well, so lets keep praying for them and their family!!!(: So this upcoming Saturday there are 14 baptisms in our district!! How cool is that!! 14!! President Sperry said how cool that was that our district has 14 baptisms in one day! So we are getting props from the president! haha Well I think that is basically my week, my Tagalog still sucks and I am still trying hard to get it. At times I feel like I will never get it! So keep praying for me!

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