Monday, April 14, 2014

More Baptisms set!!

YAYYYY!! I am glad you sent me the LES MIS SONGS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Also I am glad letters will be coming my way!!(: I haven't gotten a letter from family in a while haha... But how was your week? How is school? Yeah the person has like vanished off the face of the earth.. We havnt been able to contact him at all or any thing. Its actually really sad to see this cause he was doing so good and coming to church and reading the BOM and now we have no idea we havnt heard from him in a while.. And yes I got to bap both of them! And it was really cool. I have done bap for the dead where I was the actual baptiser but this was just different but some what the same. But in all a really cool experience! Yeah keep a list of all the good movies that come out! Did you get me my queen size bed??(: I sure hope so! THats my one request haha! When you say heather ovard you mean ansly right?.. Thats cool tho!

So this week was kind of a struggle a little bit. Since we just got those people baptized we didnt have as many investigators to go and teach but we still had a lot of LA. So elder Rama and I made a goal that we would do a lot of finding this week.. This goal didnt go to well. We are having a hard time finding in our area cause a good portion of it is in these nicer nebiorhoods where its Bawal to tract so we only have a small area where we can go and that area is all squaters and really poor area. And in our mission we try to go for people who have a little more money so we can continue to build the church and also it helps a lot with them staying active members if they have money for pamasahe and for tithing. So we kind of got shut down trying to find this week! But on the bright side we gave my favorite investigators a bap date!! And its a family! Its the half Nigerian half Filipeno family I was talking about! We gave the three kids bap dates (ages 14, 18, 26) and the Nanay said that she wanted her husband to get taught before she makes her descison so we are hoping he will come to the Philippines this month so we can teach him! And I aslo am hoping he will be accepting! But I love this family they are so great and I can see them changing their lives cause of this gospel! And its also a bonus that we can teach them in English haha!(: Also conf was really good!! I loved all the talks I heard expesilally the Prophets how he used the quote from the LDS basket ball player. "be the same person in the light and in the dark" Also for me what stood out to me were Chrislike Attributes and also serving others. We can all improve trying to be more Christlike and also serving other people. So for me I am going to try and really devolpe these christlike attributes and serving others! So lets all take the goal to serve others and be more christlike!!(: And I promise as we do we will bless and help the lives of others! So this week numbers wise kind of sucked but we commited four more people to baptism onMay 3! So lets hope and pray that they may all be able to be baptized! Also funny story the nigerian INV he is 26 and he his like a black kid from america, not trying to be racist but he his so he is just this big black guy who talks like a black guy haha. Any ways after conf I was talking to him and he was like " so thats the propeht?" and I was like yeah thats the Prophet Thomas S. Monson! And he said thats really cool! then he said I wanna be a prophet! hahaha this made me chuckle! I then explained to him that thats a good goal to have, but we dont choose who the prophets are only God himself calls someone to be a prophet! So thats my week!!

I love you mom so much! Thanks for always supporting me in every thing I do! I love you so much and miss you! 

Love elder Howell

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