Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Shopping and Possibly FIVE Baptisms!

Hello my Mother! It seems like you have had a fun week going up to Logan and seeing Grandma and Grandpa! You will have to tell me how their talk was! But you might be at the luncheon now or driving home so I dont know if I will get a response today! But I bet you are excited to get into the new house! Do not forget to send me a million pictures of the house so I can see every thing!! I want lots and lots okay!!! Also how would you feel if dad got the job at SC middle, honestly? Would you want to move schools? Wouldnt that kind of suck? I feel like that would be a pain? And I feel like dad is so happy at Pine View with all his friends there plus he has been there for ever! Thats where our roots are! It would be sad if he left Pine view dont you think? And like I said I feel like he is happy with his job now! Basta! haha seems like logan was fun! But thats cool that you are doing the weight loss program thingy! I hope you win so I can get some of that money hahah joke lang!(: I heard you are helping court a lot with her mission stuff! Thats really nice of you mom! Thats very Christlike of you! Do you guys still do little girls dates? Or not really any more? Another package haha? What are you putting in it? I really dont need any thing! just your support is all I ask for, and money every now and then haha! But i hope to hear back from you!

So my week! This week was actually a good week for me! I enjoyed this week a lot actually! First off last pday, we went to SM(those huge malls in our mission) and elder Guard was there too! It was good to see him again! He is so close to going home! He goes home in June! Crazy how fast time flys! But we just hungout together and talked about him going home haha! So it was good to see him! And then on Wednesday and Thursday we went on exhanges cause my comp is the DL, and every transfer he is suppose to go on exchanges with all the companionships in his district. So he went to the other areas both days so it was basically like I was the Senior missionary these days cause I had to lead my area lead the lessons and also decide what these people needed to be taught! It was nice doing this cause I got to decide things my way and all that stuff! And on thursday I was with another american which was nice to be with him, but we both kind of suck at tagalog haha but we still had a good day and were able to teach a lot of lessons! So that was good! Then Friday me and elder Rama were back together. Then saturday we taught my favorite family the Madike family that I always tell you about! They are progressing so much and on saturday we taught them the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and we expesially focused on the importance of baptism cause they hadnt all accepted a certain date, cause their father still lives in Nigeria and they didnt know if he would be okay with them joining another faith. So this week elder Rama and I had been praying so hard that the father wouldnt be a hindrance to them getting baptized and when we were following up with them if nanay had talked to her husband and she did, and her husband said "if it makes you happy then do it, also if you belive it to be true then of course you can do it." WOW crazy huh??!?! How awesome is that the Lord answered all of our prayers!! And I asked her if she believed and she said yes and she said she would like to be baptized!! Also one of her daughters Sarah told her experience too, and she got really emotional about how she knows this is true and they all just shared experiences with us of how it seems like they have been guided this way their whole like and how maybe they werent ready before but now they are!! How cool this family is! And we are hoping to baptize them The first week of may!! I am so happy for this family! Actually I was reading my Patriatichal blessing and it says I will bring individuals and FAMILYS to the church! And every time I see this I think of this family! Also yesterday we taught the Word of Wisdom. And they were so opened to following it even tho they had a few problems but they knew it was a commandment from God so they said they will follow it!! I just get a huge smile just thinking about this family! And how much the Lord has prepared them to recieve the Gospel! I love this work so much, it really is tuff but its worth it bringing souls to our father in heaven! And I know how important prayer is that God does hear and answer EVERY CHILDS prayer! Just like the primary song states! But thats basically my week! I learned a lot this week and one of them is my tagalog still sucks haha! Love you!

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