Wednesday, April 9, 2014


First off I havnt watched Conf yet. We dont get it until one week later here.. So do not give me spoilers I am really excited for it!! And that lady where in Fairview does she live like address and all that stuff I need a lot more than Fairview haha.. And why is my car being driven?.. And will you do me a favor when you get this. To send me ALL of the Les Mis song lyrics please.. Just the lyrics! THANK YOU! But it does sound like conf was good! I will let you know what I think of it next week! But do you have more pics if the house yet? You were suppose to have them this week! SO I am following up on if you completed your assignment! haha To answer your questions... Yes my companion and I actually get along really well and I like him a lot. We actually are not bugged by eachother at all and we never get into disagreements! No new food actually today this member took us out to eat at this Chinese place that was really good! But thats not weird or different but it was good! I love you too mom! I hope you are still awake so you can do those favors for me!

Any ways this was a good week for me and elder rama! We were gearing up this week for our three baptisms which we had planned on Saturday and also the wedding. So we had to clean the chapel, prepare the program, make sure the font was working, and also preparing our candidates for baptism. Usually we aren't suppose to do all this on our own but the ward wasn't wanting to help us to much with the baptism.. So it was just me and elder Rama. But that's okay cause we were able to get every thing done in time for this very important event! So Saturday was the wedding at 3 and it was at the chapel. Every one was there and on time and it was so cool to see these two get married and having me be apart of bringing them together! It also made me trunkie cause they were getting married and I was like ahhh I wanna get married haha. But then they got married and then the baptism was scheduled for 4 so it was kind of a quick change from a wedding dress into baptismal clothes haha but it was awesome to see her ready to make a covenant with God at the baptism. Like I said we had three scheduled to be bap right? Well satan got ahold of one of our candidates and wasn't able to come he didn't even show up!! LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!?! And we told him that we could just do the service on Sunday morning before church but he didnt go to that or church on Sunday either! So I hope and pray that he is still interested in being bap and joining the church! And then the other one Nash was suppose to be there at 4 also just like everyone else! But they weren't there at 4 and everyone was ready to go so we called them like 100 times and nothing. And this continued until 5ish and the bishopric said hey we need to start i have things to do soon. So we started and I bap our INV Sheryl the one who just got married and still nothing from Nash! Then at 6 oclock 2 hours later they roll up! And the service was over and I had already changed out of my bap clothes and was getting ready to leave but we talked to the bishopric and they said they had time to do it. So I quickly changed back into my bap clothes and back into the water I went and we bap Nash and Sheryl that day! It may not have gone how I thought but nothing in my mission has gone "according to plan" I also learned a good lesson this week after this. That we need to trust in the Lord in all times, cause that morning during comp study we prayed that our Inv would be able to show up and be bap and that every thing would be okay. Cause at that moment was when our third inv Abien said he couldn't come. So we prayed hard that the other two would come and sure enough they came, and it was so awesome to baptize both of them and see how happy they were after they were baptized! So this week was really exciting for me! But that's about all that happened this week for me, well the most important part of the week! Love you!

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