Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year...2014

Here is Jackson's letter we got New Years Eve

Hello fam!! It was so good to hear from you and see all of your faces!!(: It looks like you all had fun snowboarding/skiing? I was pretty jealous when I got the pictures! I miss doing things with the fam and also I miss snowboarding!! But they don't have snow here so i cannot really go and do that! haha oh well! How are you guys doing? What is everyone doing for new years?! Its absolutely crazy here!! You wouldn't believe how nuts people go over new years and how many fireworks people use!! It was pretty awesome tho!! But let me know how you guys are doing!! 

But my week has been pretty solid, the work wasn't that great during the start of the week cause of Christmas Eve,Christmas,and Christmas calls, but at the end of the week our work really started to pick up! Also this weeks work is going solid so far! We have already beat our numbers from last week and its only Wednesday!! We have this one Investigator who lives right next door to us who has been really receptive to our message and seems accepting of it and she told me and Elder Guard that she already considers us family, its so nice to know that I have family here and I have a family back home as well!  So me and elder Guard are pretty stoked about that!! Also we have 3 solid Inv who will have Bap dates hopefully by the end of the week! So we are really excited about that!! But I really love this place, and I love the people. Its already been such a humbling experience and I have only been here for a month and a half! But I am still curious how much longer I am going to be here cause President Sperry told me January as well but he doesn't know how many missionary's are are leaving and he doesn't know who yet either so nobody really knows exactly when people are leaving or staying, but I really want to go back to Tacloban cause that's where I was originally assigned and also I miss my comps from there and want to see them really bad especially elder Oakes. But I am going to enjoy my time here while I am in QCNM and while I am with Elder Guard cause we love our area and we love being comps! Its crazy that I have already been here for 1 transfer!! 15 more to go haha, but I excited to serve and know i am here for a reason! I love getting your emails they make me so happy and i get so inspired when I read them! Love and miss you all!!

What are your plans for New Years tan and ty? Are you going to party party? haha How was snowboarding and skiing? how did you do tanner? Were you struggling and being A-Gone on the Mtn? haha Ty how was your new board? The pics looked way dope! and me and elder Guard said that you looked way legit with your long hair and all of your snowboarding gear! I am surprised a 15 year old want hitting on you, thats usually the type that digs the dew haha just kidding! What are you doing tan to get ready for baseball? are you practicing? Just work your butt off and you will be rewarded I promise! Let me know how you two are doing love and miss ya so much, I really miss playing wiffle ball in the back yard with our intense 3 inning games and the tournaments we would do that usually ended in a fight haha but I miss that, I miss that a lot!

I loved hearing from you this week and cannot wait to hear from you all again love you all so much!  

Love Elder Howell

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