Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jacksons Letter...January 28th

Jacksons email...January 28th

Answering Questions!!
1.The chicken intestines were.... SO good!! haha they look so gross and sound gross but they are so delicious!! They have this nice smokey flavor to them and they put this way good sauce stuff on them and it makes it so masarap!!(delicious)
2. HAHAHA the first picture is me with a lighter and some bug spray, and one night I decided to put the two together and make a nice little flamethrower and then to have elder Guard take pictures of me while doing it!
4.YES, but i did not get the call this week): they just called elders who were older in the mission(Elder Murdock) and they have 20 missionary's there but my mission president says I will go there just nobody knows when I will go there, I hope soon, I was so jealous to hear the missionary's that were going back!! And the 20 are going back tomorrow!! and the temple is the Manila temple also let me know who what you think of Pam haha i am really curious!!

That sucks that everyone has been sick, I guess one thing good about the warm climate of the Philippines is that there isnt really a cold or flu season haha, I hope everyone can heal quickly!! Thats crazy that people have already started walking through the house!! How long has it been on the market?? How much are you selling it for!! I wanna see pictures of the houses you are looking at, cause you need my approval to right?! I will be living in it for a short time, and maybe me and court will just live there after we are married haha(; I love the fall and the opportunity which it gives us, because with out it then we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't have gotten this opportunity to come to earth and gain all of the experiences which we have, the fall of Adam has been one of the greatest blessing we have been given! Any news on them Dodgers?? Are they being projected to win the world series?? Doesn't spring training start in the last week of Feb?! Freak thats crazy I miss baseball haha. I have not yet received the package, but I am hoping that I will get it soon!! 

This week was a pretty solid week for me we taught a lot of lessons this week which is really good, teaching is soooo much better than trackting or OYMing!! On Thursday we taught 2 new investigators who are 9 year old kids who are really smart and always do what we ask and always do their assignments we give them! Elder Guard and I love teaching these little kids cause its so awesome having kids willing to learn and apply the gospel in their lives!!(: Also that day we went to a LA member who doesn't even care about anything we are teaching him and its really sad to see someone that doesn't give a crap about any thing and someone who is so lazy and wont even attempt to go back to church or read his scriptures!! Then on Tuesday we went and taught 2 more inv back to back and we taught really good lessons to both of them and they both seem really interested so we will be hopefully giving them a baptismal date soon so we are really excited for these two INV! Also we had two lessons and active members, because we are trying to get as many referrals as possible and we haven't really been succeeding at that so elder Guard and I came up with the idea to make a member visit calendar and then we would go to their house and show them the Work Of Salvation DVDs and then ask them to find someone who is willing to hear the gospel and we hopefully will get referrals out of that! So we had two of these in one night!! And the families we went to seemed really excited and willing to share the gospel with coworkers, friends, and family members!! So we were really stoked to have people in our ward willing to share!! and give us referrals too!!(: Sunday was again another very good day for us!! First off we got a lot of our Inv and LA to come to church!! It was our best week for people attending church for us!! I was so happy when we were at church and we kept seeing all of them come in the door, I literally got a huge smile on my face and was just ecstatic that they had the desire to come to church and to also return to church!! But after church we taught the two 9 year old INV right at the church with their grandma, it was a really good lesson, and it was especially good to have their grandma there who is an active member who could be there to help them and to also testify of truths so it was just a solid lesson!! Then after church we went home and we had chicken adoboe which is my favorite food ever!!  after we ate we did our studies and then we went out and taught our most progressing INV and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and I just love teaching this because people find there sense of belonging in this world and they also find out where they go after this, It was such a awesome lesson and she understood it so well!! Then it came down for the part for me to extend to Bap invitation to her(this would be the second time) and I delivered it so well and she told us that she believed it was all true!! But she said she cannot do it right now cause she needs to talk to her family first and make sure that they approve of it! I really hope she can do it soon so that I will be able to get a baptism before I get transferred or something so we are constantly praying for her that she will talk with her family!!! And then today we went and played basketball with our whole zone like we do every pday!! Its so much fun playing with these elders! There are some that could honestly play in college if they wanted too!! Its crazy haha!! I love you all so much and love hearing from you all!! I hope all is well wherever you are in this beautiful world which the lord has given us!! Have an awesome week!!

With love from the Philippines;

Elder Howell

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