Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elder Howell...Still in QCNM (Quezon City North Mission)

 I am still here in QCNM!!! and I am still loving it so thats good!! But hopefully I will go back soon or actually just go there for the fist time! But elder Oakes is there and elder Manley is still in his reassigned mission and there are also 5 more in my mission that havnt been transfered back yet! So until then I will continue to enjoy it here but I am really excited to get the call and to go back!! Any ways we had a good week this week and elder Rama and I are posting the best numbers this area has ever seen!!! Haha so its been pretty awesome to see all of our hard work paying off!! We also have 2 INV with a bap date!! And we have a less active who has been less active for 8 years and elder Rama and I are the fist missionarys to get him to church!! How cool is that?!?! And what a miracle that is too!! Like crazy that I got him to church haha!! Also me and elder Rama are always trying to find more and more Inv every day!! So we are always street contacting OYMing and any other thing we can think of! And its been really good time we have had and our numbers are showing for it! So I am glad elder Rama and I both wanna work hard and both be obedient!! So I already love elder Rama! We have a lot of fun and still work hard!! Plus I can already tell that I am going to learn a lot from him, and that I am going to enjoy this transfer we have together!! Also I had a cool experience this week!! We were at a members house and we had a dinner appointment and we were going to teach her the Work Of Salvation, but as we were following up with how she was doing we noticed a concern and quickly changed the lesson. Her concern was her daughter was a way good member a few years ago and really active in the church. And then these past two years she has fallen away from the church and she was asking us why? I raised her in the church and she knows whats right?.. So why is this happening. So what we did was we shared with her the scripture about the fall of adam and how men and women are free to choose between good and evil captivity and eternal life. So then we went on to explain that she knows whats right and that she is choosing not to go to church and so on. Then as we were teaching I got to urge to tell the story of my Aunt syndney.. you prob dont know the story but she was LA for ever like 20 years plus and before I shared the story she wished there was still hope for her... So i reassured her that there still is hope, And I told her the story of how my aunt was LA and everyone had basically given up on her returning to the church, but there were two people that didnt... That was my gradparents, because they saw her as a daughter of God, and they looked at her as if they would love her no matter what. And I explained that they never gave up on her, and they would continue to ask her to go to church and things that have to do with church(reading BoM etc) and then I went on the say that 2 months ago she took endowments out at the temple, and then I said nobody knew this day would come but our Heavenly Father knew and my gradparents had an idea. During this story I got emotional because what a blessing it was that my grandparents never gave up on there daughter that they loved so much and they knew the blessings of the Gospel and they wanted her to feel this blessings as well. So i told this sister to never give up and to keep trying and that in the lords time she will return! The spirit was there, I can testify that it was and then after the lesson she excaimed how much my story ment to her and that she had regained hope for her daughter!! What a wonderful experience that I was able to share with her and I hope and pray that her daughter will come back to church one day and partake of the wonderful blessings of the gospel again!! This week was a amazing week, and I love missionary work so much, I cannot describe the sense or the idea or any thing that compares to it, It truly will be the best 2 years of my life. I love the Lord, and I love serving him, I also know how true this gospel is. And I love the opportunity to bring people to the light!! And I cannot wait until you have the same opportunity that I have to spread the gospel!! Court I wont lie it really is the hardest thing you can do, but dont be scared the Lord is always with us in our best times and our worst times!! So the lesson this week is never give up, no matter the challenges or trials we face in life, just like in D&C it says "be patient in thine aflictions for thou wilt have many but I am with the every moment" I love the promise here!! He is always with us and I know that is true!! Love you all and have a great week!! 

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