Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week Before Transfers

This letter was actually sent before he was transferred...I was just late in posting it:)
This week has been good, We were able to commit 3 people to baptism!!(the 2 little kids and one other INV named Annalyn) It was so awesome knowing all of there desires to follow their savior Jesus Christ!! But on SaturdayI went on exchanges with the district leader and when you go on exchanges you are suppose to lead all the lessons and basically do most of the work haha so the day before I was so nervous cause I cannot speak Tagalog and I was just scared, So I decided to fast the day of the exchanges and fast for the gift of toungues and also the ablility to be able to teach and lead the lessons. As the day came we went to our first appoitment who was a referral we recieved! So we went to the house and I started out speaking tagalog and it was so bad!! I got so discouraged but the INV said I could speak in english and that he understands it!! I was so happy that the lord provided a way for me to be able to speak to him in a way that we both could understand!! And the day went on and I continued to teach and the people understood every thing that I was saying!! It was such a cool experience! And then when it came to our last appoitment we were going to extend her the BAP invitation! And it was my job to do it! So we first watched the restoration vid, and then testified of how true all of this was and then I did it... In tagalog! I may not have said it totally right but she understood and she accepted!! She and 2 other INV will be baptized March 15, 2014!! And I am so excited for them!! It was such a cool experience being able to teach and use tagalog, And I know the Lord blessed me with this ability! And I am so glad we can pray and fast for the Lords help and guidence and he will give it to us! I am so blessed with that day and will never forget it and what it means to me. Also Monday was transfer announcements!! elder Guard and I were so nervous going in cause we didnt know if we were going to be kept together or get transfered but we both wanted to stay together for one more!! So on Monday after district meeting we all met as a zone and the ZLs announced who was transfering! They first started with our Area of Acacia! So they did elder Guard first and they said.... He is staying so we were like dude we will be together for one more!!! Then they went to me... They said staying or transfering? and I said STAY! and they said..... No.. Transfer. To... Fairview Zone! and your new companion is... elder Rama(filippino) So elder Guard and I are really sad today is our last day together and tomorrow I am transferring!! But I am excited to go to a new area and prob my last area in the QCNM! But i hope my new comp is ready to find, teach, and baptize cause thats my goals!! But I am excited and nervous at the same time!! So wish me luck!! Next time I will see elder Guard is America haha! Which will be cool!! But I am ready to go to an area that has better work haha!! SO again wish me luck!! I love you all and love hearing from you! Have a great week!!

Love Elder Howell

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