Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week of Transfers - Feb. 14th

This is Jacksons Letter to his Mom

It sounds like the wedding was fun and exciting!!  I wish I could have been there! It looks like everyone was happy to be there and was having fun! Where are they going to live? Oh and I notice todds not in any of these haha... Coincidence?... So besides that how was your week? How did tanner play in his tournament? It sounds like they kind of sucked it up?...How is the house selling process going? And how is the house hunting process going? How is dads back? Is hedoing better? How are toph and kristen? Thats fun that court came to the house just to play with ava!! Gosh I love that girl! Did they ask how I was doing? Did you enjoy your time with them? How is the family? Every thing same old same old?

This week was transfers and I transferred to my new area in the Fairview zone and my new area is mapayapa 1!! And like I said before my new companion is elder Rama and he is from Mindanao!! He is awesome!! He is really good at english and he is really really obedient! So we have been having a fun time here!! But our area here where I am is a lot smaller than the last place I was, so its a lot more lessons we can get in it seems like so its been pretty busy week with lots of lessons! I have been teaching a lot more with elder Rama, what we do is I try to say all I can in Tagalog then just teach the rest in english and he translates it if they do not understand it! So its been good change of pace being able to teach a lot!!(: Also we have taught the most amount of LA in this area since my companion has been here!! Which is crazy cause its the most I have had my whole mission!! it was 16!! crazy huh!! The only problem was that our other lessons with INV was much lower but me and elder Rama are continually trying to find more and more people to teach. Also this area I am in seems lots cleaner than the last place I was in! And its also a lot quieter here so its been a good change. But the area where we are is all squatters so most people are pretty poor, where they live in little concrete buildings with no flushable toilet haha so its also been an interesting change! But I have been enjoying it so far! All though I am sad that elder Guard and I arent comps I will see him in America so that will be good!! Also my new companion can speak Cebuano so we speak a little bit every day so thats been fun!! Also my district leader and Zone leaders are way dope!! And all American so its been fun with those guys too! Also no new news on Tacloban still hoping every day that I will get the call from president saying its time for me to go back!! So keep your fingers crossed! But I am also going to continue to work hard and to still study the Tagalog language cause how cool will it be when I come home and can speak English, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Waray-Waray!! haha thats some exciting stuff!! But I love hearing from you mom!! I miss the family a lot and a mission really is the hardest thing you can do! But its also the most rewarding! Love you mom!

Love Elder Howell

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