Monday, January 5, 2015


Hello mother!! What a week it has been!! With the skype calls and every thing!! I was so happy to be able to skype with you guys!! And I dont know why you guys a freaking out about me being sad/complaining haha I love every thing that is going on haha, I guess you just missed percieved it I guess haa!..

But this week was great for us!! Sister Lara got baptized and confirmed on December 27! So we were able to have a white christmas here in San Miguel!!

Also our week right now is going great!! We are lined up to get a lot of lessons this week! Also we committed the Dele cruz family to Baptism! They are really excited, we taught them the gift of the Holy Ghost, the were saying how they feel feelings of things and how they feel like they have been guided in there life and they said they always wanted that constant guidance! So it was cool to help them see that they can if they get baptized, so they are scheduled for the end of January! So we are excited for them!

Not much to report on as we just skyped this past week! But hey love you guys!! Sorry cant send pics this week cause of the computer shop.. Its called a piso net, and you put in pesos like it is a vending machine, and 1 peso is 5 min haha! its interesting.. so ya!

But happy new year!! 

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