Monday, January 26, 2015

New Calling...Very Busy!

Hello mga magulang ko!!

How are you guys doing?? It seems like mom has gotten sick?.. That sucks.. I hope you are okay! I guess I just need to pray better for yo guys!(;

But maybe I will tell about my week! And what a week it has been!!

So I got here on Wednesday, and we had to wait at the transfer point and make sure all the missionaries got there safe, so we only got to work a little, then after we got home from transfers, we spend a good time going over our zone and who had problems and also goals for our zone! It was a good time to discuss things!

Then on Thursday, we had a meeting for the newly called ZL, DL, and STL in our mission, it was a great meeting and I learned a lot! I am really excited for this calling that I have right now!

Then on Friday we had another meeting, called MLC(missionary leadership council) and this a meeting with President Bertin and all the zone leaders, and we discussed presidents new goals for our mission, and I will tell you they are great goals! I am realy excited to see where this mission is going! Pres. Bertin has so many good ideas for this mission to make it better, he truly is called of God.

Then saturday we had to move the sisters appartment in our zone to a new house, so that took a while! But they really needed our help ahah! 

So since I have been here I havnt had a full day of work! But we still were able to get decent numbers this week! But we are having lots of fun together! He is so freaking cool! I love elder Necessario! We already have made SO many goals for our area and also for our zone so that it can improve!

My new are is pure city.

The ward is great!! They have some awesome members who really love the missionaries, so I am excited to be here right now!! 

We have already met with our Bishop 3 times this weeek so we can get the work picked up even more and how he can help us! It was really cool seeing all the support in the ward!

But that is about it!! Every thing is going great!! I love my new calling, comp, and area! It will be challenging because we have the biggest zone in the mission I think, but we are excited!!

love you guys!!

Love elder Howell

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