Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zone Leader...Woot Woot!

Hello Fam!! Looks like no email from you guys.. It is prob cause I am emailing earlier than usually plus there was prob a mix up with days I would be emailing! So I guess next week na lang haha!

But I guess we will start off with transfer announcements.. So It looks my time here in San Miguel is coming to an end. I will be transfering on Wednesday. My new area is in Camarin 2a, my new companion is elder Necesario, and we will be the zone leaders of the Novaliches zone. I am excited to be a zone leader and have been working very hard and hope that I can be a good leader to me new Novaliches zone!

As of our work here in San Miguel is great! We have been doing great with our numbers here! Its been a miracle to be able to change the hardest area of San Miguel to one of the best now! So that has been legit!

I have lots of pics to send so I guess that is all my letter will consist of ha, but all is well with me and I am excited to become a ZL!

Love, elder Howell

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