Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Working HARD!

Hello Family!! What a busy week we had today! We had Zone training on Tuesday of last week, where elder Necessario and I had to give a workshop to our whole zone of 34 elders and sisters, it was my first time and safe to say it went really good, we did it on being exactly obedient! I wasnt even nervous haha, its also safe to say I have kicked that fear out of my life, the fear of talking in front of people! Thanks to the mission for that!

Then yesterday we had to give another workshop for our Zone conference, so it was a combo of two Zones, with the total of about 70 missionaries ahha! We gave our workshop about becoming PMG scholars! It went really well, I seem to actually enjoy giving workshops haha!

But a update on our Zone, they did way good this week!! They like doubled all of their numbers! So we were happy Zone leaders hah!

Our area is freaking dope. Lots of people. And dirty.

We have a baptism on Saturday of the Abejero family! They are way cool and I am way happy for them!

Also on Sunday we had 10 investigators attend church so we should have some more baptisms by mid to end Febuary! So we are just way happy with the progress of our area and also of our Zone!

Elder Necessario might be my favorite comp! He is so freaking cool and we get a long so good!! I love him and I have learned a lot from him! I fell our companionship was an inspiration from God!

We are continually working hard and doing every thing we can to talk to every one we meet that we feel we need to talk to! 

The other day we were just walking down this little tiny "skinita" which is like a small narrow "road" but not.. And we just felt like we should go to this place where neither of us had been, and then there was this LA who was like elders I have been looking for you!

We taught her and gave her a Book of Mormon cause she moved from Bacolod and didnt have one and didnt know where the church was so we inspired her that day and could have possible answered her prayers!

But I love this area so far its great! And its getting better!!

Life as a ZL is pretty stressful but I love it, I love the opportunity to help other missionaries exceed in their calling!

But I love you all and pray for you all daily!

Love, elder Howell

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