Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello family!! What a week it has been for me haha! I dont even know where to begin!!
But this email might be short so if its short I am sorry haha!
But first remember about that miracle guy how he was really sick and we gave him a blessing, well we were going back to teach him and he died.. crazy that some one we were teaching had died, but at least he was able to accept the Gospel ish before he died, I dont know what that means but..
On a lighter note!! Our baptisms were a success!! I was so awesome to see them all get baptized and to see the happiness on their face and to hear there wonderful conversion stories of how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change and effect lives, it was such an awesome experience and I am so happy for the Miguel family!!
Also our week was way successful even though we had a baptisms a baptismal interviews! I love the are of Camrarin so much and the ward is so awesome as well! Also our zone is increasing in lessons so much and literally every category!! I love the Novaliches zone and all of the awesome people I get to serve with!! So I was way stoked when we got to look at the numbers and see all of the improvements of the Zone! ahaha!
Also I got a call from President last night, like mom got a email or something about me transferring, well that's true...
President called me last night and asked me to be the new Assistant to the President.
So I will go into the office tomorrow, and begin being the new AP, I am really excited to be able to do this, I am really grateful for the opportunity and I hope that I can serve in this position the way the Lord would want me to. But I am really looking forward for this wonderful journey.
I am going to miss this area and my companion a lot... The people I have met and the friendships I have made have made and will make a lasting impact on my life. I am sad that I wont be able to get to witness the baptisms of the people that will be getting baptized next week, I loved serving as a zone leader but it looks like I have something else to do.
I am always ready and willing to do what the Lord and my mission president would have me to do.
I love you guys and my pdays will be really spuratic from now on I think, but when it is my pday I will always email my beloved family! I love you guys so much and pray for all of you constantly.
But hey hope to hear from you all soon!!
Love elder Howell

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