Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lost Cell Phone and LATE?? WHAT?

Hello Family!! How are all of you doing?? Seems like you guys just had a pretty legit Spring break!, I have sort of forgot that there are breaks back home haha, here its just go go go! haha!

But how was Vegas?? Did you guys enjoy your stay there?? Also how was tanners baseball skills this weekend? Did he play well? Just let me know how he did! 

SOo what a week it has been, deffinatly one that will go in the books haha! 

So lets just start off by Monday so me and elder Welch went to Sm Fairview and I got him lunch at this nice buffet that had a bunch of delicous Filipino food! SO of course we loved that! Then they have this story its called Airart and they basically airbrush designs onto a shirt, so me being a huge assasians creed fan, I ordered a sick assasians creed shirt!!!!! I am way stoked to get it as well, I am picking it up today ahah! So I will send pics of it next week! I bet ty will be really jealous hahaah!!

Then Tuesday came... this is when things started to get interesting for this week.. So we started off the day getting punted from our first three appointments.. yikes thats not good.. SO we were just like hey lets go oyming and tracting and stuff so thats what we did we walked and talked to a few people but nothing to special, then we got to walking in some places that I didnt even know, we even ended up in another zone haha, but after that we made our way back to our area. Then we were walking up this hill and elder Welch is like hey do you see the American?.. Then I looked up and it was a short buff american guy. So he stopped us and was like where are you from kind of stuff, then he told us he used to be in the Navy and now he is here learning all sorts of mixed martial arts and training other people with what he knows and he talked to us about all these cool things and literally blew our minds ahah! He was really really talkative and he talked to us on the street for two hours!! FREAK hahah but we were able to talk about the gospel and meet his family and he said we could go and talk about God any time we want, so we are stoked ahah! But this guys name was Bill and he was like a modern day Captain America! ahah he was wayyyy legit!! Then after we talked to him we had some ground to make up on lessons cause he talked to us so long haha, so we got to teaching and then we get a text from the sisters in our ward saying we have a dinner at some members house, so we were like hey we are not coming we are way busy and stuff like that, but then sister called us and was like hey you guys are coming right? We have a bunch of food for you guys and we are waiting for you... Those words are heard to reject, cause if we say no they will get offended and never go to church again... hahah so we had to go all the way to their house and eat, and it was actually good and there was tons of if ahahah, then as we were taking a jeepney back to our area, the phone fell out of my pocket as was lost forever!!!!!... ahhhhh we lost our phone, we as ZLs really need our phone haahha ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! But we were close to the mission office and we were like lets go tell them and see if we can get a new one. So we walk in and I told the office sec what happend and he was like hey we have a bunch of old/broken phones if you wanna see if they work. So they oppen the draw and there are a bunch of phones! So I look and grab this one and say hey lets try this! So I took the battery out of the office secs phone and it works!! ahah and in this country you need load, kind of like pay as you go. And I was like freak we are going to have to buy load.. But I checked the load and there was 500 pesos of load!! haha how lucky is that!! US as zls usually get 300 pesos every three weeks, but we lucked out and got 500 hahahah!! It just sucked getting all our numbers back but we are good now haha!! What a dayyyyyyyyy!!!

Then on Wednesday we returned to some of our Inv who had been gone because of a funeral, but we were able to teach them the power of the Plan of Salvation, brother Micheal, got emotional as we testified that he would see his mother again, it was a powerful lesson and I know that he knew what we were teaching was true, I love Gods plan for us.

Then on Thursday we had Zone training and Zone interviews...
Ahhh what a day this was as well, so ours started at 8 am, us as the zls decided we would have it at the church closest to us which is where we usually have the meetings, so we go there and were are setting up and its around 7:50.. Then president calls us and is like hey were are you at, so I was like oh we are here at the Camarin chapel, and he was like what??! "do you not know that there are other meetings there and I am at Novaliches Chapel(which is 30-45 min away) So he was like I will call you back. So I was freaking out a bit cause my zone of 34 missionaries was already there.. Then the Aps show up and they were like freaking out saying you guys need to go to novaliches and all this and that pres was wayyy pissed hahah FREAKK I was going nuts... so we make our way back to Nova chapel and there is President and he was.... not mad at all ahah he was completly fine, man I respect that man so much for his patience, we were over an hour late and he was so understanding. Just a lack of communication.But for this meeting he met with every one for 20 mins and we all taught him lesson one. It was nerveracking haha! but it was good, but I felt bad president intervied from 9-8 pm haha freak thats so long.. Then elder Welch and I gave a dope workshop, and so many people have told us how good it was!! I love public speaking! ahah its fun!

Friday was just a normal day, until night, we got to stay at the APs house cause we had to go to manila for fingerprinting for like visas and stuff ahah! So there was a bunch of way cool forigners at the Aps house and we just chilled and talked like all night ahah it was so fun!!

Then Saturday we had to go Manila for fingerprinting with 12 people incuding elder and sister Ence the senior couples ahah! IT was sooo fun, we got lost in Manila but eventually made it there, but there were a bunch of ohter missionaries from other missions and stuff, guess who I saw??? Elder Manley my comp from the MTC!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool to see him!!! We talked for a long time while we were waiting!! He is doing way good, to bad elder Oakes wasnt there but elder Manley said he was doing good! Hahah it was a awesome day!! but it was so tireing!!! It took like alllll dayyy! but it was fuN!

Then Sunday came and we had a bunch of LAs at church and INV, so we are continually maintaning the best area in the Zone ahah, we just have to cuase its like a pride thing ahahahah! 

But yeah that is basically my week!! Love you all so so much!!

love elder Howell

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