Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Companion!

Hello Family!! Today is going to actually be a normal pday for us so I am hoping that I can put together a good email for all of you back home!

But this week has been interesting to say the least with the some what "emergency transfer" of elder Necessario and the incoming of elder Welch.

But it has been a good transition to say the least, elder Welch got here on thursday and we had a meeting with President Betin that day with all of the newly called ZL and DL of the mission, we had to attend because elder Welch was a new ZL, also it was cool cause my kid got called as a new district leader so I got to see and talk to him so it was good to catch up on how he is doing.

But funny story elder Welch was actually my district leader my last transfer in my last area so I already new him before and we were already friends so it was cool when we become companions haha! So he is from Calgary Canada and he goes home this November, so I am only one transfer ahead of him in the mission, but I like him a lot and he is a really good missionary and I already know how much I will learn from him, so I am excited for this transfer and the upcoming ones as well ahah!!

As for work our work is going great! We were able to have 18 less active members go to church on sunday, and less actives are a big focus in our area and also in our ward, so it was cool to see all these families who have been less active for such a long time coming to church on sunday, bishop was really happy that he even congratulated us on having so many of these long term less actives coming to church, so it was a blessing this past Sunday, in missionary life sundays are either the best or worst day of the week, because all the work you do in the whole week leads up to the "faith tester" is what I like to call it, so some times it is really stressful haha! But it is good it keeps you on your toes!

As for upcoming baptisms we have a family baptism on March 21, then on March 28 we have another baptism of a single sister that we just found named Marycris, so we are really excited for our few upcoming baptisms this transfer.

But cool story, me and elder Welch were just walking and I decided to just turn down this random small narrow path way which I thought was a way to a less active but it turns out it was just a dead end.. but it was cool we found this family at the dead end of that road and we were able to teach them and get come new inv out of it, after we left I told elder Welch, I dont know why I went down that path, but now I know why I did, the gospel is true.

Right now is a first in my entire mission.. everyone we live with is AMERICAN ahah its really coool ahah its just a big ol joe show in our house ahha!

Also it has been over a year since I have had anohter forienger as my comp(elder Guard being my last) so it has been cool and nice just speaking english all the time ahha!

But every thing is going good, me and elder Welch have lots of new goals and plans for our zone, I love it here so much and I am ready for another transfer here to really help our zone improve even more!

Well that is about it, I think this email is much better than it has been the past few weeks ahah! but I still love you guys so dont worry!!

Love elder Howell 
AKA Justin Beiber ahahah lol

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