Sunday, March 1, 2015

I will miss him!

Hey Fam those were some sick pics from san Diego!! Looked super duper fun!! 

Seems like you guys had a eventful week!! Tanner didnt send any pictures to me so could you help me out and share the love!

But sad news elder Necessario is transferring... I dont know where he is going or who my new comp is but he is leaving me.. I am way sad, I go really really close with him, he is like a straight up brother to me, I want him to come back to America with me haha! You guys can just pay for is airfair haaha jokeee

But yeah we had stake conferance this week which was pretty solid it was just kind of far for our Inv and LA to travel but our INV family was still able to come and the are way close to becoming baptized! So we are way stoked for them!

Every thing is going great for me! Just sad that elder Necessario will be transferring.. I will miss him..

Well love you guys!! haha I just lost my train of thought haha lol

elder Howell i have lots of pics but an other elder is borrowing my card cause he wanted to copy my pics!

But love you guys haha 

love elder Howell

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