Monday, March 31, 2014


Sounds like you had a good week! With furniture shopping and all! I am a little jealous that I am not there to pick stuff out!! And for my new room could I get a queen size bed??(: oh and the back yard how big is it? Cause when I get home I wanna get a dog aha.. And I would put his cage out back or side yard or something.. Just let me know the size! ha And do you have more pictures of the house and the area so I can get a better basis on it!! thanks!! Plus pics of the fam and just every thing!! Thanks!! As far as the money I just pulled it all out just in case I use it or something but thanks, and I am excited to hear back from you mom! Love you!

But this week was a good week for elder Rama and I! We found this family of Inv who are half Nigerian and half Filipino! There dad is still in Nigeria working as a doctor so they are pretty myaman! And the kids are perfect in english and Tagalog,but they are more comfortable in English so we teach in English to them! And they seem really interested with what we have! We have taught the whole restoration with them and they came to church with us on sunday! We also had a bunch of LAs come to church with us on sunday so that was really exciting for elder Rama and I. So we were really happy and to see all of them at church! Also like I said we have a baptism/marriage on saturday april 5th!! And there are 3 people getting baptized!! How exciting is that! My first three baptisms!! And one of them the one that is getting married has asked for me to baptize her!! And she is my favorite of the three INV!! So I am really happy to see her and her soon to be husband get married saturday morning and then get baptized saturday afternoon!! How cool is that?? I am just so happy!! I feel like Alma did as he was rejoicing so much and he was rejoicing to God for the continued blessings he had recieved!! Thats how I am!! I am so blessed to be able to get these people baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! So keep Sheryl, Abien,and Nash in your prayers that every thing may go according to plan and that they will be able to get baptized on Saturday!! Also today for pday we went and hit golf balls at a driving range and I actually did good and I think that you would be impressed! We had a member take us and he had his own clubs(really nice callaway set) and we went there for an hour and hit a couple buckets so it was pretty fun!! Thats basically my week haha!! OHHH actually I have a story!! So there has been this mouse in our house for the last few weeks and we havnt been able to find him until last night... So elder Rama and I were cooking some food before we went to bed so we were using the stove top thing, and we were just heating up some water to boil and I was to the side stirring something and all of a sudden I heard a few squaks so I looked at the burner to my left and the mouse was under neath the burning coils and the pot!!! And he was being cooked by them basically!! So then he got so hot that is eye balls like exploded outside of his head hahaha! it was gross and burning mouse does not smell good if you were wondering!! So then we got some pliers and pulled out the half burned mouse and threw it away!! SO gross hahaha! Welcome to the Philippines haha joke lang!

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