Monday, March 3, 2014

Jacksons Testimony to his Father

Jonathan lost a dear friend this weekend and this was Jacksons reply to the hardships that Jonathan has been going!  What an amazing testimony he has!

First off I wanna express my love and concern for the walker family, please give them my consonances... And secondly I wanna express to dad and all of you that you will see him again!! I can promise you that!! And I know it to be true!! I teach the Plan of Salvation all the time and I can assure you that you will see your friend again dad, I know it is really hard to lose someone you care about so much, But I promise you that thats why God has created this plan for us so that it isnt over for us, there is so much more after this life dad I can assure you!! And I know it all to be true!! Read Alma 40 and it tells us where we go after this life. Dad I can promise you that you will see him again. And that he will greet you with a huge hug as well as mom and Grandma we will all be reunited again, but we need to live our lives right in order to do so, and fully take upon us the atonement of Jesus Christ and repent of all of our sins so that we can make it to Spirit Paradise, and then eventually to the Celestial Kingdom! Dad I am so sorry for you I know how close you and him were and I promise you that its going to be okay! Be thankful for this gospel and the opportunity to be able to see our loved ones again after this life!! I promise you and I testify to you dad that you, me, mom, darrins wife and kids will see there dad, friend, husband again! I also know there is a reason for every thing! And God has a plan for us! And Darrin has a work to do in the Spirit world!! I love that we have the Plan of Salvation and Eternal families! What a blessing this Gospel has on all of us!! I will keep all of you in my prayers love you al!!

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