Monday, March 3, 2014

March 1st Letter...Still in Fairview

Sorry I am emailing so early.. We have plans to go bowling at 10 am so thats why I am emailing now, so I prob wont get either of you alls emails until next week.. But any ways how is everyone? How is the fam? How is the house search going? Send me pics of the houses you are looking at and thinking about getting!! How is your back dad? How is school mom? Have you got my letter yet? And if so how was it? ha how is ty doing? I heard tanner made the baseball team! Did he make jv? And how was your guys week? Any thing fun and exciting? I cannot belive its already march!! When is spring break? Are you all still going to cali? How are dem Dodgers? Who is playing and who isnt? When is march madness bball tourney? Is it soon? Let me know haha how are the olympics this year? How is the good ol USA doing? are we kicking butt like always haha? Let me know how all of you are doing!! I miss you all so much!!

So my week...  

  My week was a great week!! elder Rama and I are killing it here and are seeing so much success in our work!! Its been such a blessing being with someone so obedient and someone so hard working!! Cause we are getting so many blessings and we can see all our obedience and hard work paying off!! First off this week we commited two more people to a baptismal date!! yay!!! How exciting!! I just hope to see these people get baptized!! The only thing is there bap dates are after this transfer and I will prob be shipped back to Tacloban by then.. But atleast I am doing all I can to better these peoples lives!! haha Any ways, also our numbers are getting better every week and we are progressing this area so much!! Elder Rama was saying he has never seen numbers like this since he has been here!! So I guess you could say that I feel pretty acomplished with that!! Also we are finding more and more INV every single day! And they all seem pretty willing to have us teach them so thats been a really cool experience!! A cool little spiritually experience I had this week was we were tracting and it was aroung 7 at night so it was dark and we came to this house and she was really skeptical about letting us in, cause one its dark and two we are strangers telling her we have a message to change her life... So she was like come back tomorrow or no its okay, but the thing about Fillipinos is they will never shut the door in your face so I guess thats a bonus! So as she kept trying to think of an excuse I said a simple prayer in my heart asking my heavenly father to soften her heart so we could share the message of the restoration, and right after I closed my prayer she let us in. And we taught such a powerful and spiritually lesson that night. And I promise the spirit was there I really cannot deny the feeling that we all felt that night. And this experience really made me think... Our father in heaven is truly preparing these people for us!! We just have to make a willing effort to find them, And that prayer got answered when she let us in, i kid you not not a second passed by by the time I closed the prayer and by the time she let us in! I am continually being blessed here in the mission field and continually apreciating America, for its civilized people, and its government programs which assist the poor. Its so sad to see how people live here... It really saddens my heart to see all these cute children with absolutely nothing, and the living conditions in which people live, I wish I could do so much more for all these poor familys that truly have nothing.. But I know that what I am sharing is worth a lot more than prized possesions or all of the gold in the world. I know that what I have can truly bless there lives and bring them closer to their saviour Jesus Christ and also find out more how the true church has been restored to the earth in these latter days. I love this opportunity I have to bless Gods children every day with the message I have. I love the people here. I love the Philippines. And I love my mission and wouldnt trade it for any thing. I am glad that I made the desicion to come on a mission. I love this Gospel and Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with all of my heart. I love my family and everyone in it, and I am so blessed that I am sealed to you guys for time and eternity!! I wouldnt trade any of you for any thing!! I love you guys so much!

Love elder Howell

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