Monday, March 17, 2014

No Longer Tacloban BOUND!

Sounds like you have had an exciting and interesting week!! With packing and all that fun stuff and baseball for tanner and the news about ty.. First I just wanna say dont buy a house just cause you are rushed and you feel like you have to buy one now, also really pray and think about the best one for our family! And also when you do buy a house have dad dedicate the home! Ask him he will know about it and what to do!! So tanner told me he is hitting better? Do you think he should be playing JV? Or do you think he should be on freshman? Also I want pics of the house you put an offer on!!! SHOW IT TO ME!!! NOW!! aha I am just really curious! Any ways you should send me the lyrics to the les mis songs! Like I cannot listen to them but I can read them just bring me some memories of the good life haha! Any ways Its good to hear and talk to you mom!

So this week was a good week for elder Rama and I and we are continually having success here! And I really enjoy the area that I am in right now! Its has so much better work and the people are way nicer than my last area!! And everyone in my ward and everyone we teach calls me Justin Beiber... Hhaha like freak I dont even look like Jbeibs any more?.. Or do I?!?! I dont even know if I should take that as a compliment or what but whatever I guess I will just take it haha.. Any ways so this week was good we committed three more people to a baptismal date forApril 5!! So right now we have 7 or 10 INV with bap dates!! So cool!! I am so excited for all these people to become members of the church!! And they are all keeping their commitments like church,reading,praying,etc so its been really cool to see their progress!! So that was a defiant high light of our week!!

Now that I have discussed the highlights of the week I guess it is now to the lows of the week.. So on saturday I got a call from my mission president, but we were in the middle of a lesson so he said he would call back. And the whole time during the lesson I was like yes I am going back cause he said he would call me if I was to go back!! So I was just giddy during the lesson cause I thought I was going to Tacloban this week!! So after the lesson we told him we were done and he called us back.. So I answered and I said hello president Sperry!! And we started talking and then he said that he got an email about me today.. And I was like you did? And he said yes its about all the Tacloban missionarys! And then I got excited again! But here comes the crap news! He said all the missionarys who never went to Tacloban or who were in the MTC during the storm will stay in there reassigned missions!.. So he asked me so do you know what that means for you? And I said well not really cause I should have been there but I broke my elbows and went home for a bit, but he said that I did include me and that I am now a missionary in the Quezon City North mission and I will be learning Tagalog now.. When I heard this news I was really dissapointed and really quite sad.. I just didnt understand why me? I should be there and why did I have to break my elbows cause if I didnt I would be there with all my friends and my batch and elder Oakes!! So I was really discouraged that day.. But that night I prayed to my Father in Heaven and asked why am I here and why is this happening to me? The next day I felt so much better about the whole situation and a feeling of peace came over me, and I truly feel like this is where I am suppose to be, I am sad I will never go there or never see my batch again! But I am excited to really learn Tagalog now!! I was thinking how much I could use it after my mission! Every one in the Philippines speaks Tagalog and only a few speak Cebuano! Plus I have made so many cool and good friends in this mission! So I know that the Lord is really tesiting my faith. Cause this is going to be hard, like really hard but I know if I try my best and have faith that I can learn this language that I never learned or come to a conclusion for my self that I am suppose to be here! So I am now a missionary of the Quezon City North mission!!! No longer Tacloban! So thats basically my week haha! Also today we went to a nature reserve kind of place and it was really cool and pretty and clean! I have pictures which I will send later! I love you so much mom! Keep me updated on the home situation!! love you!

elder Howell

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