Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Too Lazy..haha

Jackson told us he was too lazy to write an entire email this week so here is our correspondence!

Jackson: Houston Texas spanish speaking!!! How awesome!!! (Courtney got her mission call)

Us:It is awesome...u speak tagalog and she will speak Spanish!  How Come Your P-Day Was today?

Jackson: Transfers are tomorrow! ANy more pics of the house? 

Us:  Are You Getting Transferred?

Jackson: Nope neither me or Ramskie(nick name for elder Rama) are getting transfered which is good cause we have lots of bap and a marriage!! Plus he is now the District leader and Elder Guard got stepped up to zone leader!! 

Us: Why Don't You feel like writing this week?  Are you ok?

Jackson:  Yeah every thing is good! Just lazy haha I can if you really want me too, Oh I spoke in church on sunday! Everyone told me how good it was haha, i felt like it was a bomb talk too!

Us:  Wow elder guard is moving up. Sounds like u r in good company. Can u believe that about court. She was so nervous.  What did u talk about?  Was it in English or tagolag

Jackson: haha I know crazy huh!! and ask Tyler if he remembers Conner Jenson, he went to snow canyon or maybe you remember him? But he is the AP in this mission!! I just englished the whole thing except my testimony! 

Us:  What was your talk on?

Jackson:  Faithfulness and Obedience.  When do grandma and grandpa come home from there mission? and tanner said you were going to buy him a dirtbike?? like WHAT???

Us:  They left their mission today. They were really sad!  Yes on the dirt bike and hopefully a nice hoop for some great dunk ball I will ask Tyler about Conner when I see him. Is tagolag coming along any better?  You will never believe this but a Filipino transferred to snow canyon and he is my media aid   Hr speaks tagolag and not much English. Haha. Can u tell me something I can say to him in tagolag?

Jackson: Go up to him and say "Kamusta" and he will either reply in english or tag, and if he replys in tag he will say "mabuti po, or okay lang po" and then he might ask how you are and if he says mabuti then you can say mabuti deen. And also say Taga saan ka? Also ask him Ilan taon ka na? hahah marraming ehemplo! tehe 

Us:  What does that mean?

Jackson:  how old are you- ilan taon ka na? Where are you from-taga saan ka? Kamusta ka-how are you? Mabuti- good im okay-okay lang. you can also ask his name- Ano ang pangalnan mo?

Us:  Well u can definitely ride it when u get home. It will be a family dirt bike. We will be in the first ward with the gates and ships and ovards. Should be a really good ward.

Jackson:  What time is it there?  Did you keep the cake from my farewell when you moved?

Us:  934. It's late. What are ur plans for pday. What thing from the us do you miss the most. Where r the pics u promised.  Of course we kept the cake!!  

Jackson:  they are uploading now. And just being with the family expesially family dinner where we are all there talking, or road trips for sure!! Dope! I am stoked to eat that thing!! haha oh yeah!!!

Us:  We love you so much!  Talk to you next week!  Stay safe and keep the faith!

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