Sunday, December 1, 2013


Here is an email from Jackson a week and a half after he arrived in the Philippines.  He was reassigned to the Quezon City North Mission after the devastating typhoon that hit Tacloban.

Hello Father!! I am here safe and sound so no need to worry haha!! But my companion is..... Elder KJ Guard from good ol Pine View high!! IT was so crazy and awesome when we found out that we were going to be companions! That flight was long and very very boring haha but i suffered through it and i arrived here safe and sound!! The mission president is so awesome!! He is pretty strict but he needs to be cause this mission used to have really really bad obidience problems so he has really stepped up and cleaned up the missionarys here! A lot of kids have been sent home in the last 6 months cause they were all being idiots!! I am in the Acacia area in the Caloocan stake, its a pretty dirty nasty poor area where sister missionarys arent even allowed because it is dangerous!! But dont tell mom that or she might have a heart attack! haha I havnt been in the main city yet and I dont even know if the main city is in our mission or if its in the Quezon City mission! I am not of fan of the food yet, but i heard that you just get used to it after a while same with the heat and humidity of it here! I am good!! My first day here was a pretty big culture shock!! By seeing the way that people lived and also seeing everything here so it was hard to get used to seeing that kind of stuff everyday! But i am good now and excited to serve!! I love all of your emails dad they are so uplifting and inspiring  as i read them! i cant wait to read more on monday!! Love you dad!!

Love Elder Howell

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