Monday, December 9, 2013

THIS IS JACKSONS EMAIL TO HIS DAD.... (No pics this week because he left his card reader at home)

Hello father!! I love reading your emails they bringm me such joy!! and i loved seeing the pictures from SLC, they were so awesome and i am so proud of syd for doing that!! No i am only elder guards 2nd US comp, and the other one was named something totally different but i will watch out for him while i am here!! This week has been a good one, we taught more lessons this week than any othe week so that was awesome!! We and elder gaurd are loving it so much! We have a way nice appartment that is just the two of us there so it is always super clean and super american haha!! Its alright, its just totally different from Cebuano, so its a little tough but i am hanging in there and doing and trying the best that i can!! And elder Guard always tells me to not get discouraged and it will come to me eventually, he is just so good at the language i hope i can be as good as he is one day!! So the area i am in is Acacia 2 and it covers areas such as, Catmon,Tinajeros,Petrero,and Acacia. Its pretty dirty and there are a lot of jeepneys and trycs going around so there is a lot of pollution, but we and elder Guard still enjoy it here! It hasnt rained in a while, but its good, it currently isnt rainy season right now so it doesnt rain to often but there are usually always clouds in the sky and i think its going to rain but its just teasing me haha! Yes he is an awesome comp, he is teaching me so so much here and we are becoming way good friends its so awesome and i am so blessed to have his as my comp!! NO!! never again will i eat that, but i finally had so adobo, which i would say is my favortie thing to eat here its delecious!! Any ways your emails make me so happy and make me miss home, i miss you dad i cannt wait to here from you agian!! Love you 

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