Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is our second week response from Jackson.  It was right after Thanksgiving and it was great to hear from him!

Well hello family it is always so good hearing all of your emails and hear what is going on down in st geezy!! Every thing is still good here its nice and hot and its raining a little more than usual! But the food is still weird and its hard to get used to because its so different than the food we eat in the states, like they have spaghetti here and you think oh that sounds so gooood! but... its weird they put coconut milk and like sweet stuff in it so its normal spaghetti but its really sweet and odd haha but hopefully i will begin to like it! I have a lot of pictures to share this week and a video of me eating balut!! If you dont know what it is look it up, its so gross, but you have to do it to become a true filipino! So tanner prob wouldnt like the food here, i hopefully will begin to enjoy it or i am screwed!! But i am begining to teach more and more in the lessons, i can now bear my testimony and pray in tagalog so i can now pray in 3 different languages hahaha!! I also can just go up to people and ask questions like "do you know any mormons, what their religion is and stuff like that!! but elder Guard is helping me a lot and we are having a lot of fun! Yesterday we were teaching an investigator and she could speak good english so i had a big role in the lesson it was so awesome being able to express my true feelings to them!! Ohhh and on Friday we and Elder Guard we out and we went and ate at this sketchy burger place and got wayyy sick we thought we were going to die on saturday, we didnt even go out and work cause we were feeling so sick and nasty! I went poop 16 times, yes i counted how many times i did it it was a rough day, but we took some meds and were are all good now!! We refer to that day as the day of death! I am so jealous about black friday and thanksgiving i missed it so much!! I wanted to be home having thanksgiving!! hahah! But everything is still good here let me know how you all are doing!!

Love Elder Howell

How is your apartment: Well we have aircon but we never use it cause its really expensive, we all have to wash our clothes by hand which sucks so bad!! We have a fridge\freezer and there are 6 of us that live there and there is only room for four so it sucks! but we are trying to get a new and improved house!!
How is your companion? He is awesome and he is teaching me so much!! And we get a long so good!!, and its fun having someone who has the same city as me so we talk about home and are always being obidient missionarys!
Do u get along with KJ?Oh yes of course! We are awesome!!
Are you teaching anyone yet?Yeah we teach multiple people a day!!
How is the language coming along?  (Don't get discouraged...u are so smart!)Its okay its hard learning a language i have no idea how to speak but i wont give up!!
Did you get elder Oakes his shoes and socks?Nope, i have no way of giving them to someone unless there is a zone meeting which isnt until the 11th
What is one thing you learned this week? UMMM i learned what a bakla is hahaha its a guy who is gay and dresses like a girl!!!
How was it doing your laundry by hand?IT sucks so bad and takes forever!!

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