Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Month Out!!

Here is Jackson's response to his dads letter...Pretty cool!
Hello father!!

How are you doing? How is St George? Any new info on the Dodgers?! Our area is really impoverished, lots of squatter areas! But its okay! I have come to really appreciate what i have back home, there are also a lot of stray dogs and stray cats too, like big ones little ones haha but people dont eat dog here really, it is illegal where i am so the dogs just chill and do nothing haha. Oh really?! I miss the secret pal thing!! I wish i could have done that, being gone during christmas is really sad and makes me home sick cause that is the time of the year that you are always with your family! But i know that i am needed here for some reason and just need to "forget my self and go to work" Even know it may be hard some times i just need to endure and do this for these people! Dad i love the people here, especially the children, they are so cute and love coming up and talking to me! It just so sad cause they have absolutely nothing and i just wish i could do something for all of them! But the other day we were at a members house who lived in these sqautter areas and kids kept coming in and kept calling me "pogi"(handsome) and then they would pet my arms and play with my hair haha! But the kids are always perfecting my tagalog! I had a cool experience this week, we were at a LA family and her son had been sick for a while and they dont really have money for medicine or a doctor so we were just talking and we asked if we could give him a blessing, the mother said yes and we proceeded to give him a blessing, i was the one who actually did the blessing and after i did it i was in wonderment because of what i did and what i hold, the holy Melchizedek priesthood that Jesus Christ himself had and gave to the first 12 apostles, its such an amazing gift that we have dad, and i couldn't imagine life with out having it, it is such an amazing blessing and i am so glad i had the opportunity to use it!! Thats cool! and really nice of them to be thinking of me so make sure to tell them all hello!! I love seeing the emails i get from you they are always filled with such inspiration!! I love you so much dad thanks for being so awesome!! love and miss ya!

Love Jack

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