Monday, December 9, 2013


This is Jacksons email response to his mom....

Thats crazy!! Elder Guard showed me some pictures of the snow in st george!! thats crazy there was that much snow!!! Yeah and i am sort of getting used to the crazy heat here so thats good i wasnt there for the cold cause i hate the cold haha!! I just would like a bigger house if i have any imput on things haha with a pool!! I am so glad that he signed i was worried that he wasnt going to go through with it! But any ways one of the members here sharred a story with me about some one who was LA for 20yrs but every sunday the family asked if they wanted to go to church with them but the person just kept saying no... But then the person started to notice a change in the family as they went to church so one sunday they asked him and he said yes, they are all an active family now and are sealed for eternity and also he is now a Melkezedec preisthood holder, so we just need to keep inviting tyler every sunday and he will eventually come back!! Q1: We are teaching 8 investigators and 6 of them are brand new that we found this week, we have one I with a bap date which is a cool story in itself, So this investigator we have is a real sketchy guy and i am pretty sure he does crazy drugs anyways he is just a little sketchy guy, so Saturday we had 6 lessons planned and we went to everyone and nobody was home, and after each one i kept getting the feeling we should go to Joel(the sketchy guy) so we went to our last appt and they werent there so i was like elder Guard i think we should go teach Joel, and he said i sure hope you are being guieded by the spirit cause he his way freaky, so we went and taught him and it went good and we gave him a bap date!! He is planning on being baptized January 5, so i hope he follows through with it! Every sunday we have church at 9 but usually starts at 9:30(everyone here is on Filippeno time haha) but after church we have a meeting with the ward council to discuss how we are doing and what we need help with! I am sending them tomorrow!! Yes, i am starting to get used to rice so thats good!!  but i love and miss you all so much have an awesome week fam!!!

Elder Howell

Mahal Kita!!

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