Sunday, December 15, 2013

Maligayang Pasko (MERRY CHRISTMAS)

Here is Jacksons letter to his Mom....

 I know it has gone by so fast already its crazy i have been gone for a month already!! I am really good! Me and Elder Guard are christmas shopping at the biggest mall in our mission!!! ITs so freaking nice and so huge!! We are so stoked!!! I know its only like 10 days away crazy!! Our week has been okay, our numbers were lower than last week cause we hardly ever have people working with us so its hard cause we teach a lot of girls! But we had a good week!! Well our apartment is just so american! It literally is a nice apartment for america! And its only me and Guard there so its just like our own little slice of america!! Well we can buy it but we dont cause its better to use the other methods! haha Yes he should be getting them soon!! So tell her not to worry!! THey did?! thats awesome cause i will be spending that today!! Whats my exact balance of money?? I havnt seen any nativities but i can keep looking, i will look today while we are shopping? How is everything down home? How is it with out me there for christmas? Its kinda hard being away from family during this time.. Did you watch the Christmas conference? It was amazing! I strongly advise you to watch it!! Let me know how you are haha! LOve and miss you guys!!

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