Wednesday, July 23, 2014

15 Typhoons A Year!

Well not much to report this week. There was a Typhoon(15 times a year daw) we had no electricity for three days so it was hot. We couldnt go to work on Wednesday. Lots of blown over trees ha. Brother mike hooked us up and bought us food so we were good there!! Got to love brother mike!! There he is again saving the day. All our food in the ref was bad, had to throw it out(OUCH) So noodles na lang for lunch. 

I met the new mission president. He seems like a nice guy and he has some good ideas for our mission. He will just be hard to replace to Sperrys, they are my favorite. But them seem really nice. 

Yes I got my package... Yes I opened it.. SORRY.. What did you expect hahaha But it was dope as crap!! I loved it!! It made me feel so happy!! And FYI the camera is great! Takes such clear precise pictures! So thanks fam!

Um this week Madike Father got interviewed for baptism. I had to translate the interview cause our DL cant speak english. That was a interesting experience. But there was an issue that was brought up in the interview, and he has go get interviewed by president tomorrow. Lets hope he passes! I love that family, I would be so sad to not see the father get baptized after all the work we spent on them! But keep praying. The Lord will provide.

Elder Peery has a bakla investigator who is in love with him and thinks he is coming back to marry home haha thats a funny story.

Transfers are coming up. I am almost positive I am going to transfer, I have been in Mapayapa ward for 6 months. I like it a lot but I think its time to move on. The ward is just not supportive ha. Oh well welcome to the Philippines.

We went to the temple this week. That was beautiful. Saw elder Jackson from st. George. He went to pine view and he is dope. Go to his homecoming or look him up on FB Alexander Jackson. He is another one of my friends in the mish thats going home. 

Hope all is well with you guys. 

I need a work out program ah, I wanna get toned on the mish. So thats your homework to look and find an effective home work out.

But thats about it. Lots of rain right now in the Philippines. Its great! 

Love elder Howell

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