Sunday, July 6, 2014

We are Celebrating With TACOS!

Hello mother! How is it going!! Elder Guard looks  so good!! He lost so much weight in his last few weeks!! haha! I bet he did awesome with his talk! he was a good missionary! I hope you said hello to him from me! He still hasnt emailed me yet so I am a little butt hurt about that!

But that should be fun going to lake powell with the family!! I bet you guys are all excited for a little vacation with the fam!! I am jelly!! hehe make sure to tell everyone I said hello!! 

But how is it going? Hey sorry I accidentally over drafted some money cause I cant check how much I have without a fee so sorry...

I will be sending the package soon! So be ready for it hah!

But it seems everyone is doing good! Hope to hear from you soon!!

This week was a good week for me and elder pedroza!! First off president Sperry left this week which was sad I really liked him and respected him a lot! But I bet elder Bertin will be just as good! But we had a follow up training on thursday so I got to say goodbye to them one last time and again thank him and his wife for all that they have done for this mission! So I will defiantly miss them! 

Also on that same Thursday we taught the Madike family! It was great!! We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed him to be baptized!! He accepted and the date is July 26!! Which will prob be my last saturday here in Fairview!! So how cool is that! I am so excited for this family!! And then next year hopefully they will be able to get sealed!! And I will get to go cause I baptized them!! So lets hope every thing will continue to work out!!

I recieved my package and this week!! I was so happy to see all of the treats inside of it for me!! Thanks so much! 

Also on saturday we had a baptism for sister Myla! It was great and every thing went according to plan! She was way nervous and she got emotional about the whole thing! But it was still cool to see her be happy and become a member! She has got a lot of support from the ward as well! So lets hope she remains active haha!

This week was just a good week!! I got a package a baptism and me and elder Pedroza are continually progressing this area!! I love it! And I love my comp! He is awesome!! We get a long so well! It also helps that I have a blessing in my patriarchal blessing that says I will love my companions! And I have loved them all! 

But I heard USA made the group of 16 so that made me proud to be an AMERICAN!! plus the fourth of july is on Friday so me and my kabahay are going to celebrate and have a taco night!! hehe! YAYYY!! USA USA!! heha

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