Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wa Wa Dam!!

Hello mother! How goes it! How are you doing? How is the fam? Thanks for the email this week! ANd no on package or letter but i dont get mail run until next week! So I will for sure get them then! Whats in side of them! Oh by the way I am sending a package home soon! I bought barrongs for all the boys and your nativity scene will be inside of it! But dont tell them its a surprise! Also there is a surprise for you that elder Guard has so dont forget to ask him for it when you see him! I will write letters when i get the stamps which wont be until next week so you wont get letters until next month! Sorry about that.. Sounds like all is well there! Let me know whats up! love ya

But every thing this week has been great! Me and elder Pedroza are doing way good! And we are having fun together to! So I have really enjoyed being his trainer! I hope he feels the same about me! But I think we lead the zone with number of lessons taught this week! So that was pretty awesome that we are doing that good haha! But every thing is just going so good right now! We have a baptism this saturday of this girl and then hopefully next month we will have another one too! And I am hoping it will be the Madike father so sana! heehe! But every thing is going good with him we taught him about the BOM this past week and his daughter Sheryl bore a dope testimony to him about how she knew that it was true! So that was really cool to see that she was wanting to let her father know how she felt about the Gospel so that was a really cool experience! Also he came to church on sunday so that was also good! The only problem we have is we only go to him once a week but the wife wants us to go twice but he wants time to really think about what we teach so so far its only once a week! so if he does get baptized then it might not be by me so that will be sad.. Oh well whats important is that he becomes a member and then they get sealed in the temple! I am just glad I can say I started that work haha! But yeah every thing is going so good for me! I love this area so much so I will be sad when I transfer but thats okay! I will go where I am needed! 

But let me tell you about our PDAY! We went to this freaking cool place called Wawa Dam!! It was so cool!! Like holy cow it was beautiful! Like it was clear up in the Mountains with all this green jungle and mountains and rivers and MOUNTAINS!! It was so cool! Really one of the best pdays I have had! I took a lot of pictures but I will unfortunately have to send them next week cause I dont want to risk getting a bug and then loosing all of my pics again haha! But picture the movie avatar and thats like where we were it was cool! Plus we ran into some of the Philippine army in the mountains who the other day got into a battle with a rebel group like right where we were! haha but it really was like the coolest and prettyest place!! It was awesome! Next week I will send lots of pics!! 

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